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  Replying to Glasgow List: Glasgow Customs
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TeeHeeHee Posted 11th Jan 2010, 03:49am
QUOTE (jeani @ 11th Jan 2010, 02:50am) *
also, apart from whistling in the house being bad luck, birds in the house were also meant to be bad luck ? anybody know why ??,,,, jeani

Thought you were on about burds in the house tongue.gif (They cause men tae get slapped kissers)
But birds poo on the curtains.
Your post #119: One of my mates over here had a wee boy just over 2 year ago and I was explaining the Christening Piece to him and he was saying he's no sure about gettin' the wean christened. A week later I pressed a piece of silver into the wee boys hand, told the mate it was a Scottish tradition. He looked at the silver; a St Christopher on a wee silver chain. He said, "You're not a Christian!" I said, "It's a Scottish tradition and I'm Scottish. What can the wean dae about that?" rolleyes.gif
jeani Posted 11th Jan 2010, 01:52am
  also, apart from whistling in the house being bad luck, birds in the house were also meant to be bad luck ? anybody know why ??,,,, jeani
jeani Posted 10th Jan 2010, 12:54am
  just been enjoying reading through these posts n remember most of them, one i remember from when we were younger n has stayed wi me over the years was we were never allowed out the house after the bells till somebody had firstfooted us, and one of my mothers was never whistle in the house cos it was terrible bad luck ! my mother was welsh so we never knew if this was a welsh superstition or a scots one,? anybody know ??,,,, jeani
angel Posted 4th Jan 2009, 08:20pm
  you just never know Heather, thats funny . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Heather Posted 4th Jan 2009, 05:03pm
  Angel you've just reminded me of a funny story about the Christening piece.

We were living in Kings Park at the time and my brother and his family came over for dinner on the Saturday night and stayed over. On the Sunday morning we all went to Mass in Christ the King and when we came out my sis-in-laws face was like thunder.
I asked her what was wrong and she said her son was a right pest all through Mass and kept saying he did not like this Chapel as it was a German Chapel with German crosses on the wall. ( The crosses were the Stations of the Cross ) He insisted the shape of them were German Crosses and would not say the prayers or take part in Mass.
When it was time for Communion he refused to go saying, " i'm not taken Communion in a German Chapel ". By the time Mass was over his mum was ready for thumping him.
The next thing a group of people are making their way into the Chapel for a Christening and one of the group handed the nephew a Christening piece. He did not have a clue what it was and when told to open it up there was the usual silver between the biscuits. He was delighted and said, " this is a smashing Chapel can we come back here ".

We all fell about laughing, while the sis-in-law nearly burst a blood vessel. laugh.gif laugh.gif
angel Posted 4th Jan 2009, 03:50pm
  I remember the christening piece , usually a half crown wrapped in a little wax paper between two digestive biscuits given to the first person or child the Godparents met when taking the baby to be babtized if the baby was a girl then the christening piece was given to the first male person and vice versa if the baby was a boy,, It was considered lucky to the person who received it. smile.gif
Melody Posted 4th Jan 2009, 02:18pm
  laugh.gif I used to quite like it but ah don't think I could eat it now Lennox. laugh.gif
Lennox Posted 4th Jan 2009, 02:15pm
  Aw right then I'll take it but just don't make me eat tripe & onions .. my wee granny would make that I loved her but when she made that I stayed away for days huh.gif
Melody Posted 4th Jan 2009, 02:11pm
  Because my little one, it was good for you.

Lennox Posted 4th Jan 2009, 01:49pm
  Awright then :

Why did both my grans give me Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice, and Malt & Virlor noo I loved the malt, and I could just go a big spoonfull the noo biggrin.gif but yees can keep the Cod Liver Oil , YUCK!!!!!!
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