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Posted by: wee mags 27th Jul 2003, 10:08pm

well awe you folks since bettys no on yet, am jist gonnae make ma tea and wait tae see if any wan is comingover wink.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 27th Jul 2003, 11:08pm

Whit took ye so long registerin Mags ,ah thought you wid have been member # 1. Gee the wee hoose looks nice . biggrin.gif tongue.gif


Posted by: Tumchie 27th Jul 2003, 11:15pm

Hi there Wee Mags and JimmyD. Isn't this a great place?! Dead impressed by the new format. I feel as if we've been through a tornado and ended up on this beautiful island. It is a shame, though, that all the magnificent and heart-warming posts of the old site have disappeared. However, new beginnings mean new growth. And we can all grow together once again.
(This is weewuman, by the way. Changed my name for the new site) Bye the noom.

Posted by: Tumchie 27th Jul 2003, 11:17pm

Daftie me - meant to write "Bye the noo".

Posted by: Marg 28th Jul 2003, 12:30am

biggrin.gif Thanks wee mags for getting this wee room stared nice to see everyone coming in the door . A big welcome to everyone ,I so impressed with what Martin has done. dry.gif but does anyone know all the wee codes at the top?

Posted by: wee mags 28th Jul 2003, 01:32am

aye a get it going and look whit that jimmys dain hivin a wee beer and leavin the bottle on the drain the wee bugger rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Teeny 28th Jul 2003, 09:27am


Posted by: wee mags 28th Jul 2003, 10:36am

knowin that betty shes aff tae the toon for a couple offf wee things and a look aroon the place she dis that wance in a while rolleyes.gif and teeny yir tea, ott so hurry up wae the stairs cool.gif

Posted by: big al 28th Jul 2003, 04:41pm

hi betty - nice to see you registered - however you're a new starter now and not one of the oldies as before - makes you feel better doesn't it?



Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 04:53pm

Thanks Martin and you too Al glad ma wee room is still goin , and as the sayin goes
somethin old somethin new
look out folks here comes betty2

Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 04:57pm

Ah've arrived an tae prove it am here

Posted by: thebardau 28th Jul 2003, 05:00pm


Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 05:06pm

wis away huvin dinner wae oor catherine yesterday so didnae fun oot whit wis goin oan tae the noo, wait tae she funs oot she's no a high rankin member ony mair , there'll be hell tae pay. Hud a great day wae her at her sisters hoose where i was made most welcome, didnae get hame tae cinderella time and a bit inebriated(well ah hud tae be sociable ) Thank god we're back on track cheers martin

Posted by: Marg 28th Jul 2003, 05:08pm

biggrin.gif Hang on to your hats our wee Betty's back and we've waiting for your poems to start, so break out the wine or cuppa of your choice and let the party begin

Posted by: ARCHIE MILLAR 28th Jul 2003, 05:51pm

Hi Betty, welome hame!
A thought you'd flitted tae get away frum those bloody sterrs-gie oor Cath ma love the next time ye speak tae her ohmy.gif

Posted by: thebardau 28th Jul 2003, 06:24pm

Re Catherine, betty2 - "wait tae she funs oot she's no a high rankin member ony mair , there'll be hell tae pay" -

mah money's on her bein' back tae where she was within the month!

Posted by: Marg 28th Jul 2003, 06:34pm

"Hello everyone" from Rena ,just had a wee chat with our Rena and she has no time to herself since the big meet with family visiting, last time she was in here she was telling us how she'd wrote for 20 mintues about her trip only to lose it.Well she didn't know all about the failure and had not even had time to read my e-mail. But she is thinking about you all and asked me to let you all know .She's hoping to get on soon. huh.gif

Posted by: jannymac 28th Jul 2003, 08:12pm

jist wondered whit was happening wi the chat facilities, as i was starting to enjoy them

Posted by: buntyq 28th Jul 2003, 08:14pm

In the old Board Martin told us where everyone lived. Is it somewhere and I'm missing it. unsure.gif

Betty, it was a shock for most of us and I have to hand it to Mags, aka wee mags, who e-mailed me the problem when I thought my computer was going haywire.

I have a feeling you will present us with a poem soon. I dont think we will forget the old scrapbook. This post will be great for rememberances.

Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 09:36pm

Ah'll second that Ed wance oor cath gets started there's nae haudin her

Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 09:40pm

Jist chat tae yir hearts content in here jannymac
there's aye somebody aboot that'll answer yi, and hi tae you Rena

Posted by: Barbara 28th Jul 2003, 10:12pm

Buntyq, I miss the part that had our locations too. Had you not seen mine, I never would have learned about Lois and Yoga and Bainbridge Island. biggrin.gif

Washington State, USA

Posted by: betty2 28th Jul 2003, 10:46pm

For the past week my heart was sad
But now today it has turned to glad
We are all posting once again
And taking our trips down memory lane
The glasgow that you all once knew
Into a city of culture it has grew
But many of you will remember its past
And those memories of childhood I'm sure will last
Those happy times I'm sure most of you spent
In a room'n'kitchen in a tenement
Glasgow the city of culture it became
But to all of you it will always be hame
No matter how far away you may roam
Glasgow's the place you will always call home

Posted by: thebardau 29th Jul 2003, 12:27am

Re - "Ah'll second that Ed wance oor cath gets started there's nae haudin her", betty2, she better make it real soon, I'm only "holding the fort" until she gets back in here where she should be - cos ah can't keep this up much longer!

Posted by: Isobel 29th Jul 2003, 02:05am

Great ta hear from you Betty , how about the big meet. When are you going to give us all the details.ALL OF THEM,DONT BE MISSING OUT ANYTHING. laugh.gif

Posted by: buntyq 29th Jul 2003, 02:12am

Barbara, maybe Martin can squeeze in our location in the new web. Haven't heard from Lois so I'm not sure if they found a house.

Posted by: jimmyd 29th Jul 2003, 09:29am

You wearin the wee fingers tae the bone there Bard?? Yer playin blinder.I can just hear Catherine noo. "Right get wi the tour you lot !!,an gies yer patter.".
Hey Mags I took ma empties oot,there must be sleekit drinker gettin in here.
wink.gif wink.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 29th Jul 2003, 09:45am

Ach ! ye hiv done it again Betty, that was lovely. Goad bliss ye hen. blink.gif unsure.gif

Posted by: Teeny 29th Jul 2003, 10:04am


Posted by: buntyq 29th Jul 2003, 11:14am

Welcome back, Betty. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Posted by: albaliz 29th Jul 2003, 11:32am

Och Betty that was lovely. It brought a wee tear to my eye. Good wan hen.

Posted by: Margaret 29th Jul 2003, 11:36am

Lovely wee poem Betty and so right we all belang to glesga

Posted by: Marg 29th Jul 2003, 11:46am

smile.gif Thanks Betty now I know your back with a wee poem it feels like home . cool.gif

Posted by: big al 29th Jul 2003, 12:07pm

Betty - once again a real cracker - Davy had better watch out or you'll be the one giving readings next year at the Winter Palace at Glasgow Green - keep it up...

Posted by: betty2 29th Jul 2003, 01:39pm

Noo the ferr wance again is comin tae an end
These wee tit bits tae you'se ah'll send
The waverly is still trippin doon the clyde
Wae loats o folk fae far an wide
But also oan this steamer you'll find
Glesca folk o every kind
Maw 's will take their weans away fur the day
Tae Dunoon an Millport and Rothesay bay
Senior citizens wae tears in their eyes
See the empty docks where wance great ships did rise
Many teenagers on this ship do go
Ower tae Rothesay where theres a good disco
Oan the bottom deck a trio play
Music that suits nae matter where you're fae
And if yi want yi cin get up an dance
But wae the rollin o the ship yir takin a chance
There's nowt better than a trip doon the clyde
And this is seconded by all from far and wide
Whilst takin this trip doon memory lane
Ah remember the good days when ah wis a wean

Posted by: betty2 29th Jul 2003, 01:48pm

Ed you're oan standby tae the start o next week she disnae fly hame tae sunday midday, nae doot you'll be hearin fae her as soon as !!!Ah've hud a few nice times wae her durin her visit. you take care betty2

Posted by: lisaann 29th Jul 2003, 02:51pm

Hello Folks!
Just trying things out, and popping in to say "hello"!
~lisaann rolleyes.gif

Posted by: lisaann 29th Jul 2003, 02:55pm

Hello Betty & Troops!
Lovely new place you have here! Just popping in to say "hiya"!
Enjoy your day!

Posted by: wee izzy 29th Jul 2003, 02:58pm

biggrin.gif hi everyone i am back i missed you all so much its great to be hame again i hope everyone will be on board soon and guys i enjoyed your pictures it look like you all had a ball and i hope you are all enjoying your holiday i am still trying to figure out who who but i think i have archie alright my wee grandaughter is doing great getting big and jimmy has your new one arrived yet well i looking falward to hearing all your patter again so hang in martain the new board looks great maybe it will be better if thats pissible cheerio for now biggrin.gif

Posted by: wee mags 30th Jul 2003, 03:30pm

jist aff the phone wae oor catherine she is missing everyone "tell them I said hello" and will catch up when I get back ,we had our usual laugh at all the daft things we laugh at so folks get ready shes coming soon tae a place near us biggrin.gif

Posted by: Marg 30th Jul 2003, 03:38pm


Posted by: Gemini 30th Jul 2003, 04:57pm

sad.gif hey yoo lot didnae anybody miss me, did yoo aw know I died went tae the auld board and couldnae fun mah way back ah huv a loat o' catchin' up tae dae, hey wee Mags goat sumpin fur ye hen need tae git ur address(home) ah think yoo'll like it hello all still getting confused here but will catch up sooner or later wink.gif

Posted by: Gemini 30th Jul 2003, 05:20pm

wink.gif jist thought ah'd drap in fur a wee cuppa but naebody hame ah gess betty's still recuperating frae her visitors oh well sad.gif

Posted by: catriona25 31st Jul 2003, 12:25am

Och Aye Betty, Lang may all your lums reek..

Posted by: thebardau 31st Jul 2003, 03:00am

In the wee sma’ hours wi betty2.

Can we synchronise our watches, ‘cos oor time is no’ the same,
I’ll be yer virtual visitor when all the mob’s gone hame,
Mind they clean up after themselves - & we’ll hiv oorsels a ba’
Jist in time fur breakfast - & ah’ll be bringing it a’.

So put awa’ thon teapot, we’ll no’ get in that rut,
Cos tannin’s no that good for us, it tends tae rot yer gut,
Breakfast of champions, oor hearts will be singin
Wi’ health in the sma' hours, cos here’s whit ah'm bringin.

[unpacks, several thuds – vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, coupla limes – where’s yer pepper & Worcesterhire sauce, betty?]

Ah yes, Bloody Mary, all the necessary vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients to sustain life!

Here’s tae us, wha’s like us, here’s tae oor health,
Long life, happiness, & aye enough wealth,
Glasgow’s no’ changed – does that rain EVER stop?
Here, let me pour again, jist anither wee drop,
Here’s mud in yer eye, lang may yer lum reek,
Ah’ve kept ye up, hen, ah’ll awa’, go to sleep.

Posted by: Teeny 31st Jul 2003, 08:11am


Posted by: Catherine 1st Aug 2003, 10:57am

laugh.gif Ahm wae you Bard !!

Nice tae see wur aw up an runnin, two days tae go here, too many things tae buy an no enuf money.......sometimes disnae matter whaur the hell ye live eh, saw the same laugh.gif ..

So ah cannae register till ah get back hame guys, but ah do bulieve ah'll be member nummer a thoosant afore ah work it oot, cannae wait fur aw the gossip, must be hunners.
Toodlepip tallyho an up yer kilt!!

Posted by: littlebernie 1st Aug 2003, 11:06am

wink.gif hi you lot had to re register again who drop the bomb on the bulltin board its all new i did get your e_mail a few days ago

so just to let you all know still hail and harty


Posted by: Gemini 1st Aug 2003, 04:06pm

wink.gif wink.gif welcome back Bernie we sure did miss you hope everything is A OK with you


Posted by: maggie2 1st Aug 2003, 06:33pm

I just wondered? why do we not use the chat room?? seems we could all talk to each other in there just great??

Posted by: Marion Dougan 1st Aug 2003, 08:12pm

Hi guys,
Ahhhhhhm hame. Haydan was a wee bit homsick so cut ma holiday by a week. Had the greatest pleasure meeting Betty2, Gemini, and oor ain Catherine. Met at Bettys the day I arrived home. They are a great bunch, had a lovely afternoon, few wee swallies ha ha ha water, honest!@#$%^&* wink.gif Sorry I did not call you Betty, you know what like it is trying to see everyone. Called Catherine when we were all at Loch Lomond, couldn't get together there. Catherine did invite me to her sisters fur dinner, bit a hud been away fur a week, and only gittin tae ma brothers oan the Set. an Caherine invited me fur Sunday dinner, shame a couldnae go, bit she understood . Wedding was great, lovely Bride and Groom, Celtic Tartan a may add. A goat oan the telly oan ma wey hame, the Celtic team were it the airport an you know me.... shuved ma wey in tae meet them, so a wiz oan the telly29 July, did oany o ye see me???
Well need tae go, it's Friday oor wee night oan the toon. Glad to be back oan the board, missed ye's aw,
Lots o love,

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 01:50am

Hi marion wondered whit happened tae yi, wis nice meetin up wae you and hayden, sorry we didnae get oor night oot , but maybe there'll be anither time,

ps see oor catherine's managed tae get oan, whit a wummin there's nae haudin her imagine her brother~in~law thinkin he could stoap her fae gettin her hauns oan his computer ha ha
Safe journey home cath give my luv tae jake& xxxxmax

Posted by: wee mags 3rd Aug 2003, 01:57am

betty what are you doing up at this unearthly hour ?

Posted by: leeninaus 3rd Aug 2003, 02:00am

betty, just noticed you on here it's after 3am over your end of the world... you just come in after a night on the tiles or one of those many sleepless nights ? welcome back Marion, really envious that you got to meet up with betty( but I know my time will come wink.gif )
great to see catherine back on & in fine form love to the boys Cath smile.gif

Posted by: leeninaus 3rd Aug 2003, 02:03am

Hiya Mags, we must have been posting about betty at the same time ,I went into the chat room but is was dark & empty... maybe they are having an Indian summer in Glasgow & it's too hot for oor betty to sleep ?

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 02:06am

How am ah up ?yis may well ask friday night ah hud a humdinger o a night oot an ah've been hungover aw day , even tried goin oot the night again (sat)but only lasted an hoor an hud tae come hame went tae bed an hud a couple o hoors , noo ah'm wide awake an feelin fightin fit , so am here bletherin tae you wans that are still aboot , an its a strong cup o tea am drinkin
cheers betty2

Posted by: wee mags 3rd Aug 2003, 02:10am

I tried to call you a couple of times but ya bugger yer never hame rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 04:25am

sorry mags but its been a busy week fur me
Lee left for Santa Ponsa on saturday mornin
so ah've been gettin him organised. He's huvin a wee break before the fitba season starts next week

this week am huvin it quiet(i think) biggrin.gif

Posted by: Mary48 3rd Aug 2003, 04:26am

Great to see you all here and chatting away as usual.
Sorry i forgot about the meet and didnae get to see the photies afore they disappeared. Looking forward to seeing them when they get back on the board:)

Leeinaus, I havenae been down to Perth forever but will get down there soon, even if I have to come down on my dear, how sad?? NOT!! LOL

Posted by: Mary48 3rd Aug 2003, 09:29am

Betty, izzis no jist great?
We dont hufftae shout at ye ony mair, we can jist talk loud...can ye see this awright? It's jist "large" but there is "Larger" if ye cannae read this:)

Posted by: Teeny 3rd Aug 2003, 09:48am


Posted by: Mary48 3rd Aug 2003, 10:56am

Oooops, Sorry aboot that, Betty hen..ah wisnae hinkin.

Ah know whit'll dae the trick. ah've goat some bottles o' irn bru and a nice big greasy breakfast ready fur ye, howzzat?
(broat it doon tae 5, izzat better?)

ma sticky-oot tongue didnae show up LOL

Posted by: Melody 3rd Aug 2003, 12:09pm

Hello everyone, nice to be back, you all are back on form I see.
Did you all survive the Big Meet in one piece ? Thanks to my pals e-mails I found my way back. It was very good of thebard, wee mags, and marg. in particular for keeping me informed, I appreciate it and a special thanks to Martin for all his work.
Love to you all. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 3rd Aug 2003, 12:12pm

Welcome back melody ,Hope you had a well earned rest on your holiday . wink.gif

Posted by: Melody 3rd Aug 2003, 12:21pm

I did thanks Marg, we had a lovely time doing not much of anything. I'm trying to catch up now, hope is all is well with you and yours. I'll catch up with you. Take Care smile.gif
I'm a bit new fangled with this yet !

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 12:38pm

biggrin.gif hello melody glad to see you back on board, and to you ladies who care, yes i'm feelin a lot better this day , Teeny ah think ma body's tellin me tae slow doon ,but am no ready fur the day centres YET.
Ah jist luv socialisin

Posted by: ARCHIE MILLAR 3rd Aug 2003, 01:05pm

huh.gif Aw Melody!nice tae hiv yi back!--did ye enjoy yir holiday?
Aye the Big Meet went aff well -- mark you some o' these people cannae haud their liquer(a'm no namin' names )-but, they tell me they hud tae put me in a taxi at the end o' the night --Its a shame we lost so many stories in the melt down ,but, if you waant tae see whit they a' look like send me yir e-mail address an a'll post them on --I seem tae be the only wan wi photos at the moment----aw-ri- best

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 02:32pm

Naw Archie ah've goat some photo's in fact ah've a cracker o you'n'me taken in the winter gardens wae norah in the forefront also goat some fae the horseshoe and us aw huvin dinner in Tiger Tiger'sAnd it wis me'n'catherine who put you and norah intae a taxi, oh there's a loat o good memories fae that day eh
betty2 rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Melody 3rd Aug 2003, 02:49pm

biggrin.gif Well sounds like you all had a ball, I'm dying to see the photos, good to be back amongst you all, Archie I hope you left my town the way you found it huh.gif Thanks for the welcome back I appreciate it. Will catch up.

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 02:56pm

well catherine's well on her wat back tae canada and Geoff so it'll no be too long tae we'll be hearin fae her .Ma money says she'll post before midnight (brittish time) anybody else think otherwise???
betty2 rolleyes.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 3rd Aug 2003, 03:04pm

Hi Melody,nice to have you back pal,missed your smiling face on here .The gang all ready for the big kick off next week.Hows that Marions style Eh!! getting on the box wi the Bhouys.Glad you enjoyed your trip Marion. tongue.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: ladykate 3rd Aug 2003, 05:09pm

My my Betty yir wee hoose is getting awfy busey,everybody is in good form I wull take you up on yir bet Catherine wull be oan afore the nights oot.
Had a great time with you and the gang at the big meet,sorry you didnt make it melody maybe next year I have to tell you that Martin is one wee smashing fella to get the board up and running again,well betty hope you get over yir wee pridicament soon then it will be party time again rolleyes.gif .


Posted by: Isobel 3rd Aug 2003, 06:51pm

Oh well can't wait any longet for you Catherine . I'v got a wee family BBQ this afternoon. May be get a wee chat with you tonight. Hope you had a good flight back . Am thinking you brought the old Glasgow weather back with you .Betty i'm trying to make this print bigger for you , but I dont think its working .[SIZE=7]

Posted by: Gemini 3rd Aug 2003, 09:22pm

welcome back Melody, and Ladykate I was just asking about you talked with betty on the phone the day and was asking her also if she knew when you were due back, swell time we had huh talk to you real soon biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Marg 3rd Aug 2003, 11:11pm

biggrin.gif Welcome back Catherine I see your on board and hope you had a lovely time away.Now its catch up time at home and on here.I for one have missed your postss and know others are awaiting your return. wink.gif

Posted by: betty2 3rd Aug 2003, 11:17pm

hI THERE KATE sad farewell fae glesca i did enjoy your company sorry we did'nt do more, but there's always next year. Surprised catherine's no appeared yet, ah've jist goat in fae the club and it wis a great night, as you can all see betty2 is back on form
betty2 rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 02:05am

Surprised????? tongue.gif
betty...eyes are skelly here, wis keepin in masel fur ma cuppa afore bed pet, don't be gie in me the runner an sayin get it yersel....ah need help, sbeen a long day tongue.gif

So lookin forward tae a long lie the morra, it's a holiday here so Geoffs aff thank God!
Fancy comin ower an helpin me pit the claes awa?
Hope ye put in the sports aboot Lee's debut oan this Saturday comin.
Four pages in the hoose tae read up oan awready, bunch a blethers some of them eh cripes...sno easy keepin up sometimes .
Looks like oor mags kept them aw in line God love her, wunner if auld grumpy wis oan the coal.

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 02:08am

Sorry Marg, thanks for the welcome back pet biggrin.gif
Aff tae bed here, hauf shut knife's sno goat a look in blink.gif

Posted by: Gemini 4th Aug 2003, 04:02am

wink.gif gled tae see yoo back catherine, and you too Rena great meeting yoo both I think we ur aw accounted fur noo everywan hame safe'n'sound smile.gif

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 10:22am

Is the kettle oan therr betty? biggrin.gif

Whits aw thae ginger boattles daen ower therr betty unsure.gif
Ahm no takin them tae the shoaps afore ye stert.....get auld grumpy tae dae it.
Ahv goat the big swaall wae flyin yesterday an the humidity here isnae herrs risin an spreaddin as ah type!!
Whaurs Melody, is she hame yet betty ?

Posted by: betty2 4th Aug 2003, 10:29am

rolleyes.gif Melody's back fae her travels anaw cath. whit dae yi make o the mess in here ah think they wur partyin och canny fault them fur that efter aw we did a bit wursels,huv yirsel a long lie the morra . And i add it was a pleasure meeting you
luv betty2 biggrin.gif

Posted by: Teeny 4th Aug 2003, 10:38am


Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 10:40am

betty......Gaunni email me pet, huvnae checked oot the pm status yet an how tae dae it.
Also need yer 'in masel' address, the real wan whaur the postman Pat an his black an white cat visit biggrin.gif

Ahm jist wanderin aboot the chat still here? Ahm awa tae find ye tongue.gif

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 10:48am

Sorry Ria an Teeny.....Missed ye's both there...

Ria huv ye settled back in ? Whit dae ye make of you bein a star in the daily record...
We wur up oan the bonnie bonnie banks lodge an mum says.. 'Here be quiet tae ah tell ye somethin'
Ah pipes back 'If it's a lecture ah don't waant tae hear it"
Dae ye waant me tae tell ye or no wis the reply..
Aye awright whit says wee juannie read the paper...
Ah knew it wis yersel right away...ya big star ye biggrin.gif

Hi Teeny, thanks for yer lovely welcome an same to yersel!
Ye'll huv noticed therrs many beyond hope in here right enuf eh laugh.gif
Lookin forward tae huvin a guid laugh wae you too pet.

Posted by: ladykate 4th Aug 2003, 01:09pm

Welcome back Catherine,aye Betty sorry we couldnt have spent more time next year I will be a wee bit more organized to look after my wee mammmy.

Posted by: Kaz61 4th Aug 2003, 01:24pm

So everybuddy's back safe and well, and the Glesga Polis thanked us awe fur wur good behaviour laugh.gif

Canny get on here as much just now, so here's tae next years Big Meet..........maybe ah'll get a word in next time tongue.gif

Ah wis a wee bit quiet wis a not? ah think it was because ah was in total AWE o' ma compadries....huvnae met so much class in the one stuck a wis!!

Posted by: Archie Millar 4th Aug 2003, 01:44pm

Whit ur you efter Kas? butterin' up these 'wimmen' maest o' them are bloody mercenary they put on that innocent look --,but, affore yi know they'll drink yi under the table--a know!
nice to see you back Cameron ,hope a'll see you next year

Archie-Hereford-3'o clock pm
too bliddy waarm-34o--a'm gettin' oot o' the sun

Posted by: Melody 4th Aug 2003, 01:46pm

Hi Catherine, great you all enjoyed yourselves, I'm going to have to have a right good look around the town to make sure you all left it the way you found it! Thanks all for the lovely welcome home. Ah ma wee Kaz, how you doing? Miss you. sad.gif

Posted by: Kaz61 4th Aug 2003, 02:36pm

Hi Archie, ah wis only daein whit they told me to do..........ah wis too feart no tae dae it. ohmy.gif

Are you out in the sun then?? in yer Armani swimming trunks...or Dookers as we in the South West call them.....surely yer no in the biler-suit??

Ah seem tae have missed an occasion wi you and the good best wishes (maybe belated) on your anniversary.

Melody, Melody, seems an age since we last talked....I hope you are well and your holiday was good. I now work 9 till 5 so can only sneek on now and again......thank goad fur Betty's wee hoose here.

I shall keep nipping in and that me and Betty are drinking buddies wink.gif (along with Ladykate, Gemini Cath etc etc)

Ah know she'll no mind.

Posted by: Gemini 4th Aug 2003, 02:42pm

wink.gif hey hey Kaz how you doin' lad such a treat to meet you we were aw wunderin' if you goat yir train ok that night, bet yi hud a nice wee nap oan the road hame, oh make mine a wee bailleys if yi dont mind lad laugh.gif


Posted by: ladykate 4th Aug 2003, 02:59pm

Well Kaz I think I told you and Martin on my fourth or fifth gless of wine blink.gif that you were two terrific young men,and Melody he missed you being there we had a grand night didnt we looking forward to next year.


Posted by: Kaz61 4th Aug 2003, 03:46pm

Gemini a wee baillies it is then, and Ladykate ?? it took four or five glasses o' wine afore ye realised we were fine young men???
(only kidding I know what you meant wink.gif )

Ye I got ma train ok.......ah wis kicking masel for not staying over but being honest ah didn't think everybody would still be going so strong from 12noon......till ma train at 10pm...thats longer than a working day!!!!.......suppose ah should have known better rolleyes.gif

But a did have a wedding next day.

Posted by: betty2 4th Aug 2003, 05:28pm

Hi kaz noo yiv met aw us fine chicks "what say you"
sure wis a pleasure meeting you and you come in here as oafen as yi waant, initiation fee"1 bottle smirnoff"
Noo that your oan days dis that mean your social life will perk up, an we'll no be hearin much fae you .You'll be missed, dont stay away too long
yir pal betty2 biggrin.gif

Posted by: Marg 4th Aug 2003, 06:04pm

Kaz great to see you posting again does this mean you never kept these ones in line at the big meet tongue.gif siding on the sidelines were you taking it all in. wink.gif

Posted by: betty2 4th Aug 2003, 07:26pm

You know the auld sayin marg" still waters run deep"
seriously tho Kaz was the perfect gentleman rolleyes.gif

Posted by: davy 4th Aug 2003, 09:49pm

Hey Betty2 is being a perfect gentleman still a compliment nooadays. biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 4th Aug 2003, 10:20pm

well it is in ma book Davy and you are right up there beside kaz also big al archie shamus and martin! Haud oan Davy ah'll need tae think aboot this??? will get back tae you oan this wan ha ha or as shamus wid say hee hee

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 10:30pm

Cripes wis jist readin back therr.....buncha blethers in your hoose right enuf betty eh laugh.gif
Sorry Isobel, missed ye earlier, photo's on the way the night, tryin tae send to all, so haud oan ...cripes ma dinners ready noo....saw happenin at the wan time here... laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 4th Aug 2003, 10:39pm

The mair the merrier cath. whit yi huvin fur dinner?smells good fae here set anither place at the table am oan ma wey
betty2 rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Catherine 4th Aug 2003, 10:52pm

Good auld geoffy made me chicken fried rice an curry sauce betty....smashin an ahv goat yer plate covered pet wink.gif
Ah swerr tae God ma feet are gaunni explode wae the heat here...airport swaall husnae left ma limbs yet y'no!
Did ye get the photos yet?
Here this isnae allowin me tae post.....anybudy else huvin the same probs?
Aye very good, ye's will aw leave me oot here tae dry noo tongue.gif

Posted by: Teeny 4th Aug 2003, 11:23pm


Posted by: buntyq 5th Aug 2003, 12:47am

biggrin.gif Welcome "home" Catherine. Melody, will e-mail you. Looking forward to hearing about your vacation.

I think we will all get into the swing again. At least we are all together.

Posted by: Mary48 5th Aug 2003, 02:13pm

Catherine, ah've jist been doon tae "on topic" and am killin masel laughin here!!

"ah've been removed"
noo who would have said that, ah wonder?

and ah wis sayin you were exempt tae!!! ROFL

Posted by: Catherine 5th Aug 2003, 10:28pm

Yo Teeny,
A white wine's ma furst choice but whitever's therr dis !
Tae yase ma gran God rest her's sayin....Ah like the rid but it disnae like me laugh.gif

Thanks for the welcome bunty, whit's happenin wae the hoose? Feel as if ah huvnae spoke wae ye fur ages, hope yer doin well.
Hoi Mary....If ye didnae laugh ye'd greet eh.....ah jist knew it wis comin an wis in hysterics masel.....pride comes afore a fall aw the time laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 5th Aug 2003, 10:39pm

Where's wee mags the nite ?is she no gettin oot tae play
place is awfy quiet withoot her huh.gif

Posted by: Catherine 5th Aug 2003, 10:42pm

She'll be oan the phone singing up in space wae auld grumpy betty laugh.gif

Zat kettle oan pet? biggrin.gif
Bet therrs nae biscuits left an goat yer secret stash therr betty?

Posted by: betty2 5th Aug 2003, 10:58pm

Goat the picter in mind mags sittin oan cloud nine
an hubert swingin oan a star biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Catherine 5th Aug 2003, 11:00pm

Jist like the thing she'd catch the fallin star an pit it in her poaket laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 5th Aug 2003, 11:14pm

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: betty2 5th Aug 2003, 11:20pm

time fur bed g/nite all blink.gif blink.gif

Posted by: Catherine 5th Aug 2003, 11:40pm

Night night betty, ahv been tryin tae get oan here fur the last ten minutes dry.gif
See ye the morra blink.gif

Posted by: Teeny 6th Aug 2003, 10:30am


Posted by: betty2 7th Aug 2003, 10:13pm

No miny visitors in here an it yased tae be a happy wee hoose mibby they've re-routed the bus an naebody cin fun me sad.gif sad.gif

Posted by: Catherine 8th Aug 2003, 01:26am

Showed the busdriver ma poap soaks betty an he wis waater....Jist tell me wherr ye waant tae go hen says he tae me...ah says take me tae in masel, he piped up och betty's hoose? ah says aye...nae bother flower he says biggrin.gif ah wis hoppin aff the bus he says tell betty ah wis askin fur her, aw coy's name wis Tolliver laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 8th Aug 2003, 10:46am

rolleyes.gif Got up this mornin and there was a surprise in store
There was a package on the mat behind ma door
Whats this ah thought still bleary eyed
When ah checked the postmark ma tongue wis tied
aw the wey fae canada this wee parcel came
an sure enuff it bore ma name
Ah opened it up an nearly fell through the flair
It was a book of betty's poems ah could dae nowt but stare
Printed oot 16 pages in all
A selection o verses fae this glesca doll
Wae tears in ma eyes ah wis touched yi see
George Muir hud taen the time tae dae this fur me
But somebody else hud a haun in this ah know
An tae fun oot who ah'll no huv faur tae go
Ah buleeve she bides in canada as well
So George an catherine ah think yir baith swell rolleyes.gif

Thank you so much for makin this a day to remember

Posted by: Teeny 8th Aug 2003, 10:59am


Posted by: Melody 8th Aug 2003, 11:56am

Awe Betty, I'm so delighted for you what a wonderful thing to happen, and in the post I always think that makes it even more special. How lovely of George to do such a thing. People are always so good what a brilliant thing for you to have, you should be very proud of yourself. Well done George what a lovely gesture and it will be appreciated so much I know. smile.gif
Awe does your heart good!!

Posted by: buntyq 8th Aug 2003, 12:15pm

This is for Martin. How do we add where we live. I got to know Wee Mags on the old Board when I read that she was from East Norwalk, Connecticut, a couple of towns west of Fairfield, where I live.

Posted by: Gemini 8th Aug 2003, 12:31pm

wink.gif ah George me lad what a gesture, ah goat wakened early this morning asking me if ah hud something to tell her, "no me" says ah, ur you sure she says, still hauf asleep, no ah says whits wrang, well ah goat a package this morning frae Canada, then she goes on to tell me, shocked me ootta mah sleep it did, ya wee bugger, yi didn't say anything last night when we were chatting, but you certainly made her day, the day, guid oan ye George. wink.gif

Posted by: Marg 8th Aug 2003, 01:32pm

smile.gif Oh Betty thats lovely and here I thought all your lovely poems were lost ,George thats was very thoughtful of you you are a treasure to this board. wink.gif

Posted by: Catherine 8th Aug 2003, 03:36pm

Only haun ah hud wis wormin yer address oot ye betty....was all George! Ah goat back tae an email from him tellin me whit he'd wis that fur timin, cos if he hudnae all wid huv been loast wae the meltdown. You will make her day George wis whit ah telt him.....Wis ah no right or whit?????? laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: ladykate 8th Aug 2003, 03:52pm

That was Brilliant George to do that for betty,I
know you must have been over the moon hen
see ah told you it wont belong afore they are
displayed at the People,s Palace wink.gif


Posted by: betty2 8th Aug 2003, 04:55pm

George wanted this kept secret,
but i had to share it with you all
Someone as thoughtful as you george
should be acknowledged, you certainly
made this day very special for me
Thank you betty2 wink.gif

Posted by: betty2 8th Aug 2003, 04:58pm

PS I managed to get the hang of the large print in the live chat
another wee favour he helped me with biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: George Muir 8th Aug 2003, 07:39pm

rolleyes.gif aw shucks rolleyes.gif

Posted by: wee mags 8th Aug 2003, 08:26pm

is this no the best bunch o folks yae wid ever want tae know bravo George that was nice smile.gif

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 12:46am

The news is out around this town
Betty has a book agoin aroun
This we wummin whose aye in hersel
Has story's she wants tae tell
Fae aff her heid they come a'pourin
An she hopes that you'se wont find find them borin
To her lifes little things mean a lot
So puttin pen to paper she did jot
Luvin life was part of her game
And through it all she stayed the same
This is a leopard who wont change her spots
Cos what you see is what she's got
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 9th Aug 2003, 07:17am

Hi ahm jist tryin sumffin oot for tae help Anne

Eureka!!!! it worked.
the photi was taken the other night when a hid a visitor ootside ma door.


Posted by: jimmyd 9th Aug 2003, 07:33am

George,what a beautiful gesture,I could not think of a better gift for our resident poetess.You are some man mate ,take ma hat aff tae ye.
Now Betty,you maybe can get it published,or mibee Martin might include it in the Info section for visitors tae the boards C'mon Martin can you do it??? smile.gif smile.gif

Posted by: Melody 9th Aug 2003, 08:00am

Brilliant photo Jimmy, how you doing? Sure was lovely about Betty's book, that's a good idea about including it in our site. Are you going to watch ' the bhoys' today?

Posted by: jimmyd 9th Aug 2003, 08:08am

MELODY,how lovely to hear from you.did your enjoy your wee jaunt roon the costwolds. Want to try the chat room. That is if I can get in. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 9th Aug 2003, 08:12am

Can't raise the chat room,Melody ,how I wish I could watch the Bhoys.the game on satellite is thee Gers,my neighbour is taping it for me.I am getting Satellite installed next will see lots of games this year.

Posted by: anne 9th Aug 2003, 10:10am

cool.gif Jimmy,,,Jimmy,,, Jimmy,,,, Have you sunk that low, The games a bogie now.

Anne Perth Aussieland

Posted by: jimmyd 9th Aug 2003, 10:18am

Aw ,gies a break Anne ,am only a boay efter aw . rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Melody 9th Aug 2003, 10:38am

Are you going to bed Jimmy? Or do you want a little commentary, I'm forced to watch it here!!! Hail Hail!

Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 01:11pm


Posted by: Catherine 9th Aug 2003, 01:34pm

Oh ur we gaun tae the pantomime? laugh.gif
Nae bother Teeny, tho ma boatles lookin a bit nervous ower therr....might need tae go oot fur supplies ye go Jimmy, get mine while yer oot pet wid ye laugh.gif
LOVED the photae a Skippy.....quite wondrous when ye think a bein so close tae a mind yon beautiful burd as well jimmy that came tae yer windae....
By the way guys, ma server wis doon last night an ahd nae access tae onythin other than the board, ah wis hingin oan fur dear life incase ah goat bumped aff!!

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 01:50pm

Hi anither great day here huv
jist come in fur somethin cool tae drink
then back oot tae lounge in the sun
life's a bitch int it cool.gif cool.gif

Posted by: Gemini 9th Aug 2003, 01:50pm

Jimmy that wis wan fantastic picture, and hoy there Teeny mine's usually a wee Bailleys ta ever so wink.gif wink.gif

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 01:57pm

Widnae know aboot the photo's NEVER goat tae see them
an teeny wan bailliey's enuff fur ria efter wan she wants hur bed
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 01:59pm


Posted by: Marg 9th Aug 2003, 02:01pm

Aye jimmy thats a wonderful picture nice to see its so clearly wink.gif And whats this you on a bike tongue.gif I need a picture of that

Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 02:08pm


Posted by: Catherine 9th Aug 2003, 02:16pm

ohmy.gif ......betty's is the smirrie.....Hurry up an pour her wan Teeny afore ye fly through her kitchen windae....backwards..... laugh.gif

Posted by: ladykate 9th Aug 2003, 02:18pm

Great Photo jimmy first ah thoat it wi a Deer then ah say oh its a Kangaroo course it is.
I really envy you Betty cause ever since ah came back it has done nothing
but bliddy rained,oh its warm enough but if it dinae stop I might have tae use George,s wee boat rolleyes.gif but for right now its the wellys infact whit ever yir awe drinking pour me a double blink.gif

Posted by: Catherine 9th Aug 2003, 02:18pm

betty......go back up tae the tap of this page till ye find a post fae jimmy that his a thing tae click oan...THAT'S wherr the photo is that we're talkin aboot biggrin.gif wink.gif

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 02:19pm

Y/see teeny bein hur sister ah know hur drinkin habits
an efter wan bailley's she canny staun up hursel rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 02:21pm

thanks cath must huv missed that post biggrin.gif

Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 02:27pm

HI KATE its brilliant weather here and its to continue into september
so tae hell wae hoosework am lazin in the sun rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 02:34pm


Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 02:41pm


Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 03:02pm

Eeent menshun a night oot an am yir wummin
but gemini disnae stey here she's in the usa
so ah dont think she'll make it
Awfy long wet tae come fur a night oot biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Posted by: Teeny 9th Aug 2003, 03:25pm


Posted by: betty2 9th Aug 2003, 04:53pm

Where have aw the regulars gone
Who yased tae drap in when feelin alone
Cos this wis the place we aw came in fur a natter
A laff an a joke the usual glesca patter
wan night no long ago when ah wis INMASEL
Ah thought ah wid gie yis aw a bell
And in yis came wan efter wan
And that was how INMASEL began biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 9th Aug 2003, 05:03pm

Hello Pal, is that kettle on? How you doing? Enjoying the sunshine like me!
Sure this a treat Betty, hope it lasts right enough, we could do with this until September. ' It might as well shine until September' that's me sinin' again. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Catherine 9th Aug 2003, 07:58pm

Off tae Karens fura wee splash an a sit oan her porch people watch session laugh.gif Ah'll no be long an ahv goat ma key betty okay biggrin.gif

Posted by: Denis Fallon 9th Aug 2003, 09:07pm


I don't blame you for being a little fed up with all the rain. It seems that it has rained here in the mountains every day since the end of June. My yard man has to come every ten days now rather than every two weeks, and that seems not often enough. One of my daughters lives down in Murrell's Inlet, SC and she has been inundated too.

One of the side benefits of all the rain is that I have never seen our mountains more lush and green. I noticed in one of the board messages that your husband comes from Ocracoke. Was he a Coast Guiardsman?

Posted by: ladykate 9th Aug 2003, 11:02pm

Hi Dennis how are you doing okay I hope,oh this rain is terrible at least yours run doon the mountain doon here in the Lowlands there,s no where for it to go eveything is satuarated,the weatherman says the middle of next week before it goes away.

George retired in 1983 from the Coastguard five miles down the road at Hobucken, he was a Chief Boswainsmate at one time there were six of the brother,s in the Coastguard at the same time,his mother had eleven boys as it was a fishing village most of the lads went into the service or become a fisherman.


Posted by: Teeny 10th Aug 2003, 12:18am


Posted by: Denis Fallon 10th Aug 2003, 12:20am


I made a pretty good guess re your husband's career. I've read that there were and are whole families of folks from the outer banks who went into the Coast Guard. By heritage and tradition they are well suited for that service. You should be proud of him and them. There are some folks over on Harkers Island who have been building boats for generations and if you get one of their boats you've got one that will last a lifetime. Do you have a Harkers Island boat?

Posted by: Melody 10th Aug 2003, 08:37am

Good Morning Italia and Bigell, smile.gif nice day again here, hope it's nice with you!

Posted by: betty2 10th Aug 2003, 10:22am

Another fine day one could get yased tae this
cool.gif cool.gif

Posted by: Melody 10th Aug 2003, 10:42am

Morning Betty, your right, we're getting spoiled with the weather, better take it and enjoy it all before the old winter comes in. How did Lee get on yesterday? smile.gif

Posted by: buntyq 10th Aug 2003, 12:41pm

Got in very early this morning from a bus trip to Saratoga (horse racing) with the Red Hatters of Fairfield. Whit a great display of red hats! And to complete our outfits we all try to wear something purple. For info on this group whose aim is friendship and fun, check into The Red Hat Society on line.

I dont know one horse from another and my limit is a dollar to show. I'm told the odds are better and I did win 90 cents! Big spender but right now there are few bawbees in the old tea caddy.

This was my second time at a race track - the first many years ago in Tampa, Florida. The weather held up until it was time for the bus to leave for Fairfield then the heavens opened. The ladies could have cared less
about dresses and shoes getting soaked - had to preserve those red chapeaus at all cost.

A big round of applause for those tour bus drivers who earn their living driving in extreme weather at night. Looks like we are in for another wet day. My resident groundhog is chewing away at the clover in the back yard. I wish he had a taste for crab grass!

Posted by: ladykate 10th Aug 2003, 01:43pm

Goodmorning,Betty,melody,BigEll glad to hear you are still having
great weather sad.gif jist wish it was me no you all enjoy yourselves
still raining here like Bunty says all the way to Florida,ah feel sorry
for the holiday makers there probably wishing they stayed home.

Okay Teeny ah will settle for a cuppa if you dont have ony thing
stronger,sorry dont have any Alka Seltsers will a couple of asprin

Dennis you are so right about the young men being suited
for the Guard,they lived on the water just have one nephew
in it now he is stationed in Alabama.
George has never had a Harker,s Island boat that I know of
he has a Priveteer at the moment since he went back to the
tugboats he jist fishes small time now.


Posted by: Gemini 10th Aug 2003, 04:06pm

top o' the morning all ok to start wi' Teeny, yoo hud that right, ahm way across the big puddle so cannae dae onythin tae her, but ah cin usually last mair that wan wee bailleys, and bunty ah met they Red Hatters group when ah wis doon in Georgia, an' ladykate did yi ever tell yir man tae drap me aff sum coal when he cums up mah way, still waitin oan it, shud ah hod mah breth here hen, ah see oor Denis is postin' again, an' like you all rain rain rain here anaw, but muggy muggy muggy, ah gess we aw took the guid weather wi us when we aw went hame in July. dry.gif dry.gif

Posted by: Denis Fallon 10th Aug 2003, 08:16pm

Yes' I'm back, I don't do much posting but I do a lot of reading and listening in to all that goes on with this great group of people. I was off for nearly a month. We put down new carpet in most of this wee house and bought some new furniture and drapes and had the old back decking torn up and replaced. We went up to Ohio foir a grand-daughter's wedding (she married a young man who graduated from West Point in May) then we had house guests from Georgia and Alabama, then my daughters from SC and CA came to help me celebrate my 82 birthday. We are now awaiting the arrival tomorrow of our daughter and granddaughter from Ohio for a few days visit. When they leave we will have a breather. Who ever said that retirement is dull?

Posted by: Catherine 10th Aug 2003, 08:22pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS biggrin.gif ......Ye'll need anither 82 years holiday after that month pal...... laugh.gif
Cheers an nice tae see ye "in masel"

Posted by: ladykate 10th Aug 2003, 10:29pm

Oh yes Happy Birthday Dennis and plenty more,sounds like
you have been busy you have a grand time with your
daughter and the wee one.

Gemi to be perfectly honest with you ah wid forget aboot
the coal he is jist not listen to me,but if you really want it their oan there way tae Trenton wie a load right now.

Catherine ah thought you were off tae the cottage for a wee
holiday,you have all that good weather go go go.


Posted by: wee mags 10th Aug 2003, 11:51pm

happy birthday Dennis and many more biggrin.gif

Posted by: ca,ppp,doremi 11th Aug 2003, 12:11am

wink.gif Just dropping in to day hi, after being away with the Trailer for the weekend. The first time this year I might add,and perhaps the last. It seems to be very stressful on Mishka,oor wee dug of 14years who is blind. The obvious inevitable is raising its' ugly head again,and I of course, am trying to ignore it. Happy to learn that the weather is still unbelievable in Scotland. I can't believe that I did not open my umbrella once when I was there. In my neck of the woods,the weather is hot and very,very,humid,making it rather uncomfortable for sleeping. But I will not complain. The darn winter is soo long,and cold,meriting one to suffer in silence during the summer. Betty I did soo want a nice cuppa tea,but couldn't find the T-bags. Did you or somebody change there usual place on the shelf, next to the stove?. So I had to satisfy myself with a digestive biscuit and a glass of good Scottish Waaater. Betty will you please check on this fur me..Thanks pal....Rena rolleyes.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 11th Aug 2003, 01:37am

Aw! Doremi love,I have been that road with two dogs.One was a wee Poodle who was old blind ,and then a Boxer,the kids grew up wi those pets.The decision has to be made,lets face ,if I get to that stage then I hope someone does it fur me.I love the memories of those two wee pals.Had to part with my we Tonkinese cat ,when I sold up.
Was sitting here on the PC the other night,and I hear this Meowing.without thinking I shout "OK Suzie A,hm coming".Took me a second or two to realise,where I was. Senior Moment !!!! or wishful thinking .????

Posted by: Teeny 11th Aug 2003, 08:45am


Posted by: Gemini 11th Aug 2003, 01:19pm

Happy Birthday Denis, and many many more wink.gif wink.gif
Yer oan Teeny, wan oan wan it tis. Went tae a picnic yisterday an' wis sitting therr minding mah ain bizness playing game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of poker, well my friend and I were putting our litter doon by wir feet so this lassie cums ower picking it up, leave it hen says I we'll get it, well she looks me rite in the eye an says the can's rite behind yi *itch, "EXCUSE ME" says I, (pacifist I am) who the ef ur yoo (don't normally use colourful metaphores) well we get intae a shoutin' match (don't disturb me when I'm playin' game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of poker) as it turns oot she thought ah wis sumbody else' an wiz only joking ah don't know who wiz mair embarressed her or me but ah lernt a lesson pit mah litter in the can next time, an' ah wisnae even drinkin, jist coke, wi nae rum in it either. Whit a day but thoroughly enjoyed masel.

Posted by: Isobel 11th Aug 2003, 01:30pm

A very happy 82nd birthday to you Dennis. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy. wink.gif

Posted by: Melody 11th Aug 2003, 06:25pm

Happy Birthday Dennis, hope your enjoying a rest by now! Lovely to see you on here! smile.gif

Posted by: Melody 11th Aug 2003, 06:31pm

Happy Birthday Dennis, hope your having a well earned rest after all your visitors, glad you had a great time, lovely to see you on here.
Gemini, we are killing ourselves laughing at the events at your picnic. Did she know she was talking to a Glaswegain? Good job you never gave her a Glasgow Kiss laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 12th Aug 2003, 06:21am

Wan o those days eh Gemini.Soundslike the sort a pickle ah always gettin intae!!!. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Teeny 12th Aug 2003, 08:17am


Posted by: Marg 12th Aug 2003, 03:26pm

wink.gif Gemini that sound like something I'd do but it's good to laugh about it after the fact . biggrin.gif Betty's wee hoose is quiet today no visitors . I was looking for a cuppa tea with fern cakes.

Posted by: jimmyd 12th Aug 2003, 11:24pm

That widnae be strip game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of game of poker by the way ,wid it Ria , !!!

Posted by: betty2 13th Aug 2003, 01:45am

HOORAY am in thanks Martin for the help
been aw night at this , see ah,ve a bit o catchin up
Happy birthday Denis
noo am gonny scoot roon tae see what's goin on
betty2 rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marion Dougan 13th Aug 2003, 02:25am

A sent you 2 emails to the aol address, then 2 tae the ntl address. Please email me, I don't have yer email address,

Posted by: betty2 13th Aug 2003, 02:34am

hullo therr marion hud a helluve joab gettin oan here but all is well now thanks tae martin huv sent yi the address give Hayden my luv she might no remember me but she'll remember ma bed ha ha biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 13th Aug 2003, 12:33pm

Hello All, how we doing today? Jimmy, are you set for the football tonight? unsure.gif

Posted by: Gemini 13th Aug 2003, 12:52pm

well gang twas a guid day even efter aw that and Jimmy ah'll never tell if it wis strip or no hahaha, so how is everybody the day, supposed tae rain again, I dont mind the rain its the mugginess ah mind, we need a really guid storm tae clear the air here, and ah cin see Europe is still sweltering under their heat wave and nae air conditioning, mercy they must be suffering. ohmy.gif cool.gif

Posted by: Melody 13th Aug 2003, 01:01pm

Hi Gemini, It's a bit mixed in Glasgow today, more like our usual Summer days! It was great to have the sun here for a few weeks, even went into town without a jacket or a brolly, we must have been getting too confident.

Posted by: ladykate 13th Aug 2003, 01:47pm

Hi gang glad your all well,had a laugh at yir antics Gemi biggrin.gif
wish ah had ben there to see you in action.
I wis wondering where you were Betty glad oor martin got it fixed fur yi.
So melody ah take it the boys in green will be playing the night my wee mum will like that so the weather is settling down good ah wish ours would ah personally am sick of the rain,last year I couldnt go out and enjoy the deck for the Mosquitoes now its the rain and you whit nae Mosquitoes.

Posted by: Marion Dougan 13th Aug 2003, 02:58pm

Betty, goa yer address, sent wan goat it back again . Email me then I'll add you to my address book. Pit the kettle oan av goat six paris buns am bringin ur.

Posted by: Marg 13th Aug 2003, 03:21pm

Nice to see you all on board I've been having trouble logging on and then when I do I'm booted off or the computer shuts down on its own been happening the last 48 hours but I can't find a worm. The weather here has cooled so its nice to be able to do things .Betty you have the tea on and I'll bring the cakes , Melody can sing for us and the rest backup for her . wink.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Melody 13th Aug 2003, 05:48pm

Hi Marg, nice to see you, I had the same problem wasn't able to access the boards for a day or so! It was fine again today though.

Posted by: Gemini 13th Aug 2003, 05:51pm

cool.gif jist goat in frae the grocery store boy ye cannae breathe oot there oan wi the air conditioning again, aye c'mon melody a wee song we're aw sittin' here at betty's tho' ah don't know where she went, ah really must tell this, when ah wiz hame ah went for a wee walk and intae the store ah went saw a packet of nice wee cakes wi wan fern cake in it, oh ah'll huv that wi a wee cuppa when ah go back doon the road, by the time ah goat there betty wiz hame an' ah pit the wee cakes, "oh a fern cake" she yells an grabs the only wan therr, well ye know bein' a visitor an aw ah jist gritted mah teeth an' smile.gif need ah say more???

Posted by: Melody 13th Aug 2003, 06:23pm

Oh Gemini THE FERN CAKE, there must be hundreds of folk on these boards who talked about that precious fern cake. I hope she enjoyed it after all that, next time we go out together we'll have a fern cake, what a great laugh we had together that night we went to the theatre, we got on so well!

Posted by: Melody 13th Aug 2003, 06:48pm

It's awful quiet...... just have to have a wee sing song again!

Posted by: thebardau 15th Aug 2003, 07:43am

Aye, quiet it is, right enough. We're waitin' fur betty2 tae tell us aboot thon scan she was havin' - winae today the day?

Posted by: jimmyd 15th Aug 2003, 12:19pm

Aye Melody ,ah wid love a wee Fern Cake ,noo someone must have a recipe for them.They are quite unique.I was trying to explain to a friend of mine ,a pastry cook,what they tasted like.He looked at me like I was Glaiket { no far wrong }.
I too would like to know the results Betty 2 .C'mon we ur yer pals.

Posted by: Isobel 15th Aug 2003, 12:43pm

mad.gif Hi guys, i'm sure you must know by now that here in Ontario we are in the midst of a black out.Actually it is all over North America. Right now I have just had my power restored but it is rotating and I dont know how long I will have it.So no we have not deserted you .We just cant get on. Talk soon wink.gif

Posted by: Archie Millar 15th Aug 2003, 05:30pm

mellow.gif Hullo a' yous people --hiv'nae been up at the hoose fur a wee while --(could'nae afford the bus fare) actually the bloody worm put me oot o' action fur almost a week a'll try an keep up wi the bletherin' noo so get a wee swaally in cool.gif

Posted by: betty2 15th Aug 2003, 06:44pm

Hi folks that was a real scary experience
yesterday (the mri scan) now i know what it feels like to be in a coffin UGH! but BIG snag cant see the doctor until october to
get results. He's too busy 46 yrs ah've waited tae find out what exactly is my trouble NOW THEY SAY i can wait another two months So i'm still in the dark . NHS has gone to pot here , I'm not going to let this get me down ,patience was something i acquired a long time ago just as well rolleyes.gif ohmy.gif

Posted by: Melody 15th Aug 2003, 06:48pm

Betty, hurry up the tea's made and the biscuits are on the table, even got ye a special fern cake! And I've tidied up!!! smile.gif

Posted by: betty2 15th Aug 2003, 07:01pm

Melody am here must huv passed yi oan the sterr
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Melody 15th Aug 2003, 07:51pm

Well give us yer patter, were you doing your usual wee shopping tour. Nothin' much happening wi' me, same old same old. Nothing new. smile.gif Will we sing a wee song?

Posted by: Marg 15th Aug 2003, 08:00pm

Hello Betty and Melody nice to see your doing well and having a spot of tea.Lovely day hereand I'm not long in from a wee festival we're having here was listening to Jim Sweeny from Ireland this afternoon as well as some good old scottish music had I great time and have two more days of it. Saturday the Alexsander brothers from Scotland are playing and I've got tickets can't wait.

Posted by: Melody 15th Aug 2003, 08:05pm

Hello Marg, sounds as though your enjoying that festival, have a great time at the Alexander Brothers, hope all are well with you.
Where's that Betty went to now Marg? I bet her Mammy was always lookin' for her!

Posted by: Marg 15th Aug 2003, 08:07pm

Betty would no be lost Melody ,she's abig girl now can find her way! I bet she's busy making the tea and getting ready for your visit with the cakes in hand.

Posted by: betty2 15th Aug 2003, 08:52pm

Sorry ladies no ma fault this pc hus a mind o its ain the night it keeps bumpin me aff. Right melody ur the cups washed marg is pittin a wee light tae the fire its gettin a bit chilly at night noo. And now fur whits aw the goss?? tongue.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 16th Aug 2003, 12:38am

Has anyone heard from Hubert??,it is not like him to miss commenting on the Celtic games.WeeMags have you heard from him?.

Posted by: Melody 16th Aug 2003, 08:24am

I was thinking about him Jimmy, I'll e-mail him see what he's up too, Jimmy, if ye hurry up you could make the match, the scarfs are washed and ready for the off. Hail Hail.

Posted by: Melody 16th Aug 2003, 06:09pm

It me again shoutin' oan that Betty, gie her a shout if ye see her up the street, tell her I'm fed up chasing her aboot. laugh.gif

Posted by: Melody 16th Aug 2003, 06:11pm

I'm fed up being in here aw masel aw day, mon talk tae me!! somebody, anybody!!

Posted by: betty2 16th Aug 2003, 06:23pm

Am here melody but am gawn oot shortly
sorry pal but efter aw it is seturday night
and i'm goin fur a wee refreshment wae the ladies
talk tae yi the morra. Good score the day bet Hugh 's a happy chappie biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 16th Aug 2003, 06:42pm

Yer right Betty, have a good night!! See ye tomorrow!

Posted by: Marg 18th Aug 2003, 12:24am

rolleyes.gif" Hello to all " is a message from Rena, I was just chatting with her.She gave me a call and tells me she is having great difficulty getting on the net and into GG.I'm to let any of you who have sent e-mail or pm's she has not been able to get them and hopes to be able soon.To Jimmy she sends her congradulations on the grandson. She is doing fine otherwise. wink.gif

Posted by: scottish lass 18th Aug 2003, 01:17am

Hello all, now that we have settled after the Flittin, and all the steps have been done, windaes waashed, curtains chainged, beds made, and the kettle is on the bile.....Where the hell are the Red Sluts???? did they no come wae us...Thought they might have done a wee turn tae welcome us awe tae the new hoose wub.gif Oh well if anybody wants tae dae a wee turn ok gai it laldy UR YEA READY 1 2 3 i'll start and the rest jine in....Movin Movin Movin keep them doggies movin raw hide!!!

Best wishes to you all take care..Mamie in Australia............

Posted by: jimmyd 18th Aug 2003, 06:43am

Am aff tae the wide suburned plains of Sth Australia the morrer. Will brings you all back some of the famous Barossa Valley wines. see you all in two weeks ,bye the noo. wub.gif wub.gif { l9ike this wee thing " wub"you all!!

Posted by: Teeny 18th Aug 2003, 09:02am


Posted by: betty2 18th Aug 2003, 10:47am

Enjoy your break jimmy and dont over indulge on the wines(jist kiddin) have fun rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 18th Aug 2003, 11:23am

Schools are back in the day (thank god)that means ah get the computer tae masel fae 9 till 5that sounds like a cue fur a song, but melody ' backtae work the day so ah'll leave aff the singin rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Melody 18th Aug 2003, 06:10pm

Betty. yer a lady! A pal and a lady, but then ye know that already! smile.gif Enjoy the peace, some of us at the receiving end. laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 19th Aug 2003, 08:38am

Here ah am inmasel again
An thinkin back tae when ah wis a wean
Those summer days in the parks ah played
Too faur fae hame ah never strayed
Hogganfield loch ma furthest jaunt
Alexandra park anither haunt
There wis also tollcross wae aw the lovely flooers
And in aw these places ah spent happy hooers
Then at night oan the streets we played
Ma dont shout me in the noo ah prayed
Kick the can ,allevio tae name but a few
Rounders and beds we played these too
The winter nights were dark and bleak
So in the hoose we played hide'n'seek
The places we fun tae hide oorsel
Below the bed & even in the coal bunker as well
But through the day up in ally park
There wis skaters oan the frozen pond tae early dark
But us poor weans wur slippin an slidin
Daen wur shoes in an then gettin a hidin
And aww o this ah remember well
As ah sit here INMASEL
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: sjmac 19th Aug 2003, 09:43am

Hi Betty2, Ye should hiv a wee message cummin in the noo.

rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 19th Aug 2003, 01:09pm

thank sjmac will get round to tryin this out, biggrin.gif

Posted by: Marg 19th Aug 2003, 01:16pm

Lovely Betty !! and your never alone on here . ;)and if you've a few minutes to chat i'll meet you there .

Posted by: betty2 21st Aug 2003, 11:03am

Not many callers guess theres a lot on holiday but i'll keep a candle in the window in the hope that someone will visit fur a cuppa and a natter rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 21st Aug 2003, 12:31pm

Your right Betty everyone seems to be away , I stopped for a cuppa but you had left already perhaps later in the day. smile.gif To warm here to do much else.

Posted by: kas 21st Aug 2003, 05:46pm

good day betty & all. looks like i'm imasel! how's things going? i think teeny will be popping in for a wee chin wag with betty2 real soon. teeny will be there having all the tea cakes & a good laugh with all her family & friends. how's that glasgow weather? any cooler? thinking of you all~have a good one

Posted by: Melody 21st Aug 2003, 06:53pm

Hi kas, it's been a lot cooler over the last day or two, however we've been promised that it's to be sunny tomorrow and Saturday. Take Care

Posted by: Marg 21st Aug 2003, 09:38pm

I'm begining to think everyone is off on holidays Betty no one comes by much for a cuppa your famous tea and cakes.Maybe its the heat that has them all resting and keeping the boards quiet.Hope you enjoy the weekend!!

Posted by: sjmac 22nd Aug 2003, 10:00am

Hi Betty2, A hivne been in your hoose afore. If a bring five rollsn sausage, four Rhubarb tarts, an two boatles o American cream soda, wull ye let mi in an a promis ahl jist sit an listen tae aw the gossip. P.S the extra rolln sausage is fur me caus am that hungry a cuid eet a scabby dug.

wub.gif wub.gif

Posted by: kas 22nd Aug 2003, 04:42pm

Hi everyone. sorry about ur hay fever archie..come to the desert- when it gets over 100 degrees just about all pollen is died- u'd have a clear head. hope you have a great birthday- i'm sure norah will be treating u right. so did teeny make it to glesga yet? she said she'd be on line checking- in where are you teeny? thanks for the weather up date melody- hope u're all comfy & not too hot. betty u'll be like a yank serving iced tea if it stays that hot there! well be having iced tea & ice cream at bettys for our friday night party- when does it start? melody will be singing soon & we'll all be joining in. melody can u "imagine" jessie singing "imagine" again & again..thanks for keepin her right with the correct words. marg u still cooking in NS? hope all is well w/ u fine folk

Posted by: Archie Millar 22nd Aug 2003, 05:00pm

Aw! am sufferin' the day -between this hay fever an the amount a found in ma tinny when a went ower tae the Big Meet board a don't know if a can afford tae go up the road the night fur a wee swaally ---???

Posted by: Marg 22nd Aug 2003, 05:13pm

Oh Archie I dinna believe you'll suffer to long if you go for a pint it'll clear your hay fever in not time . wink.gif Norah can do the driven to be on the safe side. Best wishes!! cool.gif

Posted by: Isobel 23rd Aug 2003, 02:14am

Hi all, god its been hot here, but tonight we are able to have our air conditioner back on, looking forward to getting a good nights sleep. Just been catching up on all the posts. Where is Catherine these days?

Posted by: Fearn 23rd Aug 2003, 03:11am

Hi Isobel - today was a hot one here for sure but at least the humidity was minimal - in a condo, high up, on the North West corner, I'm sitting here in a wonderful breeze - no need for AC! I've got rocks holding the doors open, the wind is strong - really blowing the smog away - PRAISE BE! - with emphysema, I've been gasping for breath lately.

Fearn (a.k.a Isobel) smile.gif

Posted by: Marg 23rd Aug 2003, 08:05pm

The doors must be closed to Betty hoose for no one comes for tea and I've a lovely lemon cake that I was willing to share .I hope this means I don't have to eat it all by myself for it will end upon my hips. sad.gif

Posted by: Melody 24th Aug 2003, 06:30pm

Well it's no endin' up on mine Marg!!

Posted by: Marg 24th Aug 2003, 06:59pm

Well no one showed up Melody so guess who's hips it will be on ......mine oh but it was good. huh.gif sleep.gif

Posted by: Melody 24th Aug 2003, 07:30pm

Marg, wish I could have shared it with you really, I could always have went for a run around the block afterwards. laugh.gif laugh.gif I hope it was nice!

Posted by: ca,ppp,doremi 25th Aug 2003, 12:30am

tongue.gif Well noo, me thinks oor Marg wis only too happy to eat that cake,. Why? well am noo aboot tae reveel me soorce uv info,but seems oor Marg is partakin uv them yor exersorsin macheens,ah means ye no the types whur u roon aroon in curcles tryin awe this an thut,and oh aye at the end aw three months the effects uv the cake uv disupeered. Gooooo. Maaaaaarg...Goooooo...paaaaaaaay,Roooooooger...Paaaaay. Jist kiddin Marg,more pwer tae ye...Your Pal Rena wub.gif

Posted by: Marg 25th Aug 2003, 05:57pm

Well!!! You lot have no need to worry about my hips tongue.gif the grandkids arrived at noon so I'll get all the exersice I need this week.I'm no telling you anything again Rena rolleyes.gif ha ha!

Posted by: Melody 25th Aug 2003, 06:24pm

Kettles on, fern cakes are on the table, anybody fancy a blether?

Posted by: Melody 25th Aug 2003, 08:40pm

Och well stick! Where's Betty? This place is too quiet for my liking, somebody talk to me, or I'll sing again, me and my shadow all alone and feeling blue, just me and my shadow not a soul to tell our troubles to. I'll have to eat the fern cakes as well, I'll never forgive you lot if that happens!! dry.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: ca,ppp,doremi 25th Aug 2003, 11:02pm

Ahoy Melody. Well since yer gonna sing,and I love a sing along,just lay oot a nice china Cup fur me, and huv the teapot all snug in its tea cozy. The weather is a bit cooler this week,so I kind of feel up tae a bit of travelling. Is Betty there an awe,or is she away on her usual shopping expedition? Oh well the stairs cannae be too dirty if naebodys been stoppin bye,and we sure don't need a fire in this weather. Okay, I'm ringing the doorbell like mad Melody,Can ye noe stop awe that singing fur a wee minute and open the bloody door wuman? tongue.gif

Posted by: sjmac 26th Aug 2003, 09:50am

Hi All, does anybody know where Betty2 is,I don't recall any mention of her going away anywhere. Hope she is OK. unsure.gif

Posted by: Marg 26th Aug 2003, 12:40pm

She was going withn friends for the weekend I believe

Posted by: leeninaus 26th Aug 2003, 12:46pm

Yerr right Marg, Betty is away fer a few days ! Jeez I wish I was missed as much as she was ! bet if I carked it right now I'd be here fer a week before anyone missed me biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 26th Aug 2003, 05:14pm

I'd be looking for you Leen, along with everybody else,just like to keep track of my pals, especially that Betty, she's a wanderer!! Wonder if she's back!
I'm always lookin' for her laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Marg 26th Aug 2003, 05:51pm

Of course we miss you Leen ,but the thing is this is Betty's house and she should be around for visiters ohmy.gif Melody you should have been with me today grandma on the beach more like a whale on the beach. biggrin.gif these two youngsters are going to kill me .They had me on a skate board and scooter thank heavens the roller blades were to small. Can't wait to see whats next.

Posted by: Melody 26th Aug 2003, 07:21pm

Oh Marg, I can just picture the scene, you'll sleep well tonight!!
Great day! I wish I'd been there, I'd have enjoyed that alright, don't think we'd be safe Marg together!!

Posted by: ca,ppp,doremi 26th Aug 2003, 09:32pm

rolleyes.gif Well Melody,here a few posts up, you were asking for visitors to share a cup of tea and a sing song at Betty's house. Well I told you I was going to join you. Then I rang the doorbell for a good twenty minutes,to no avail. Yer darn singing wis soo loud you probably didn't hear me. So I left in a huff laugh.gif ...Rena

Posted by: betty2 27th Aug 2003, 10:39am

Sorry sjmac and aw the rest o yis that cawd in , but ah thought ah telt yis a wis gawn away fur the weekend tae SALTCOATS might no be wan o the costas but jeez it wis a scorcher o a weekend, and ah hud a ball never laffed sae much in a long time. well guess where am gawn oan tuesday? "lunch wae teeny" she phoned me yesterday an we're meetin up at the st enoch underground fancy!!!!! Catherine will be back oan sunday wis talkin tae her anaw, noo ah huv tae go goin tae the forge at parkhead jist fur groceries(borin shoppin) . sjmac you caw in here as oafen as yi like but yiv goat tae take yir turn o the sterrs byeeeee rolleyes.gif

Posted by: sjmac 27th Aug 2003, 12:43pm

Hi Betty2, an heers me thinkin ye hid gawn aff we a yank tae the jiggin. Tell teeney tae remember the Ashit Pie supper fur me an the puddin supper fur ma wife Jean. How meny sterrs huv a goat tae cleen. huv yoo goat a posh tiled close,if ye hiv ahl bring the whitenin fur the sterrs. Anything fur a cup o tea an a roll an pink lint. Thats me, common as muck. Hope ye hiv a magic time wae Teeny.l biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Marg 27th Aug 2003, 12:53pm

Betty enjoy your time with teeny,I had a chat with her and her brother and she is looking forward to visiting you. I say to not have to much to drink but teeny has said she's drunk it dry already tongue.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 27th Aug 2003, 05:48pm

Lookin forward to meeting another member of the GGBBam beginnin tae feel like an ambassador , but its haundy me bein here so when yis aw come hame fur a visit you'se ur stuck wae me rolleyes.gif huvin visitors the night so wont be on tae the morrakeep cheerful biggrin.gif

Posted by: Teeny 28th Aug 2003, 11:16am


Posted by: Marg 28th Aug 2003, 12:29pm

laugh.gif Not a chance teeny I've my own to do but I wouldn't mind a visit to see you. Betty has those stairs all clean and waiting for tuesday to come tea and cakes will be ready I'm sure of that! rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 28th Aug 2003, 02:13pm

Tea 'n;cakes? c'mon marg think we might huv summit a wee bitty stronger , wish yi could jine us , but then mibby anither time am always here "till death do us part" bit morbid that !

rolleyes.gif Teeny 12 noon at the underground
betty2 will be there sane'n'sound
a place tae eat we've yet tae decide
probably a pub lunch by the banks o the clyde
tea an scones urnae oan the agenda
but efternin lunch ? dont think it'll be a bender
but lookin furrit tae this wee meet
here in st enoch's aff fae argyle street rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 28th Aug 2003, 05:55pm

Betty I can think of not much more I'd like better to do but your invite you a wee drink (tea) will have to wait til spring !!!In the meantime I'll listen to Melody sing , come on Melody we need a wee song. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 28th Aug 2003, 06:22pm

Tea for two, and two for tea,
Me for you and you and for me alone dear,
Nobody near us
To see us or hear us
No friends or relations
On weekend vacations
La La La La

Well it's alright for some, some of us have got to work you know!
Have a nice time you two, Marg you and I will just have to sing away! Just wait till I retire, just wait!! laugh.gif

Oh the River Clyde, the wonderful Clyde
The thought of it thrills me and fills me with pride.
Sing up you lot in the cheap seats!

Posted by: sjmac 29th Aug 2003, 10:46am

Hey Teeny, Am jist jellus cos yoor in Scotland eetin aw they luvly cakesn pies.hope ye enjoy a wee swally wi Betty2,an dont get oan the saus too much or ye'l get deported.Am postn this fae the oafis at 9.00 acloak Friday nite cos ma computer at hames broken doon. Hiv a smashin time in Glesga. cool.gif cool.gif

Posted by: jimmyd 29th Aug 2003, 02:14pm

Hi from ,Cauld windy Adelaide,just popped in to say Hello.Must tell ye all ,had lunch with Margaret P last Tuesday,whit a lovely wummin,we found we had some mutual friends both In Adelaide and Glasgow.Tell you Betty2 & Melody ,you will love her when she comes home next year. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: annie laaurie 29th Aug 2003, 03:08pm

:rolleyes: HI Betty

THis is my 2nd try, for some reason they are not coming through, come on everybody tell me what I am doing wrong here, as I would like to get in on the conversations, you have so much fun
Heres hoping I click the right one this time,

Posted by: Marg 29th Aug 2003, 11:34pm

annie laaurie ,welcome to the GG board keep trying and you be an old hand at it before long sometimes things get a bit confusing to start with. happy.gif

Posted by: Melody 30th Aug 2003, 05:55pm

Welcome Annie Laaurie, and welcome hame Catherine, how you doin'? Hope you had a good rest.

Posted by: Catherine 30th Aug 2003, 06:07pm

Aw cripes, pour me a strong wan Melody....Wis fightin in traffic fur three hoors therr....nae sweat....thu'll no try an scoot in in front a me again tongue.gif How ye's aw doin? Missed ye's an it's nice tae be back, jist got yer email therr marg pet, off tae read it..... ahv goat freedom till the morra, geoff stayed up wae the therrs a wee boattle a wine lookin awfy nervous ower therr laugh.gif

Posted by: Melody 30th Aug 2003, 06:14pm

Good to have you back Catherine, we missed ye'. Nothing much happening, talked about chatroom romancing, sang a few wee songs, poor Kaz is never getting on these days. Miss him. It's s till a bit quiet at times!

Posted by: betty2 30th Aug 2003, 07:10pm

Hi catherine biggrin.gif good tae huv yi back oan board missed yir posts, rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 30th Aug 2003, 07:49pm

rolleyes.gif well its seturday night an am INMASEL
a wee voddy by my side an its goin doon well
9'o'clock at night an am in ma goony
beginnin tae think am goin loony
this is a first fur me am sure
need tae see a doactor must need a cure
must be gettin auld this ah buleeve is a fact
need tae sit doon an soart oot ma act
surely fur me who's still in her prime
am no ready yet tae sink intae the sands o time
so tata the noo am goin fur a refill
an INMASEL ah remain still rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 30th Aug 2003, 08:01pm

ohmy.gif What are you having Betty I'll join you so made it a double,he he .Now wee catherine's back we can have a party, Melody break out a chorus and sing a song. smile.gif Kas and jessie are sure to come in.

Posted by: betty2 30th Aug 2003, 08:58pm

Jisr huvin masel a vodka marg feelin a bit fed up the noo , telly's s**t started watchin Mrs Brown but no bein a Billy connelly fan gied it a body swerve tried phonin catherine but she aint available
So i dont know what to do with masel
seems like ah died an went tae hell
i'm so used tae partyin oan a seturday night
sittin here alone is jist pure s***e
i dont know what to do with ma time
so ah thoght ah wid gie yis a rhyme
chat room romances urnae ma scene
me ah'd rither chat tae a freen
melody it seems has gawn tae bed
an aw you'se ower there ur sittin doon tae be fed
so its ta ta fae me the noo
cos ah jist dont know what tae do rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 30th Aug 2003, 09:26pm

Betty you not alone on here so pull up your chair and say a wee verse I'm sure catherine will be along soon.Why are you in on a Saturday night then ?I've a cuupa tea so not as strong as yours. mad.gif

Posted by: betty2 30th Aug 2003, 10:15pm

Jist hud a wee chat wae catherine , so am no sae fed up noo , a wee tonic that wummin marg am no oot cos last night ah went tae a charity dance fur yorkhill hospital , so fur the remainder of the weekend its couch, goony an telly. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Marg 31st Aug 2003, 12:00am

Great Betty ,nice to see you getting in the wee chat he he likely more a long chatwith Catherine.Well no wonder you in on a Saturday night a charity dance did you dance the night away on the Friday then.Well tomorrow is Sunday we will all get together and have a wee party and christin this board now that everyone is back.What do you say everyone ?? dry.gif cool.gif Lets all meet and Have a party!!!!!!!!

Posted by: betty2 31st Aug 2003, 11:22am

A party ! fur that am always game
so oan the list yi cin put ma name
wae rings oan ma fingers an bells oan ma toes
lets kick up a storm an make a helluva noise
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 01:34pm

Eh.......scuse long dis it take fur Advil tae kick in laugh.gif Mind ah wis tellin ye's aboot that wee nervous boattle a wine last night....well it's deid fae the feet up this mornin....GONE.....cannae mind a huvin company{weeconfusedface}.....funny that eh? laugh.gif

Gies a shout when the perty cummences
Don't be frettin cos ahll be there
Wae ma perty froak an ma herr a gleamin
Caw me Ginger, wherr the hells Asterr

Oh ah think ahm comin too awready.....God bless Advil!!

Posted by: Marg 31st Aug 2003, 01:39pm

LOL leave it to you Catherine tongue.gif Advil takes no time at all to work at least for me but then I've no had a wee bottle of wine before I take it . laugh.gif Are we haveing a part or no??

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 01:52pm

Hoi Marg.......Ah left ma coffee up at the cottage, ah mean how bad is it gaunni get fur me this mornin laugh.gif ....Ahv goat the kettle oan fur anither cuppa tea, cripes teas fur wimps in the mornin, ah need the guid auld hard stuff....NESCAFE ya bass!! laugh.gif
Aye, ahll be up fur wan, ye gaun? Whit ye werrin? Did ye get ma pm by the way Marg an did ah dae the reply thingy right? Betty's aff at auld aunties the day, it's her birthday an oor betty's awa up tae spend the afternoon wae her, think she'll be back aroon five.

Posted by: Marg 31st Aug 2003, 03:32pm

Yes got the pm no problem Catherine , we will just have a wee party later then time may be better for me anyway. cool.gif I guess am a whimp tea is my beverage none of the hard stuff for me laugh.gif

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 09:07pm

Jist hud a wee phonecall......mmmmmm....wunner who fae rolleyes.gif
We furgoat tae talk aboot the perty betty's no even peeked in yit, she's oot cruisin somewherr wae her perty bag an aw laugh.gif Melody's awa tae her bed.....cripes wur some's a holiday weekend here an a bugger aboot!!

Posted by: Tumchie 31st Aug 2003, 09:28pm

Hullothere! It's a holiday here too. But it's quiet. Jist a typical Sunday in suburbia. Did you have a nice time at the cabin? When do your kids go back to school? They've already started back here.

Posted by: George Muir 31st Aug 2003, 09:28pm

biggrin.gif Am aboot ! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Tumchie 31st Aug 2003, 09:37pm

laugh.gif Right then George Muir.
It's jist you and me and the keyboards.
We can huv oor ain wee party. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 09:40pm

Cannae get intae the chat room's uphill aw the way the day fur me laugh.gif Yo Tumchie, how ye doin therr? We had a great time, thanks for askin....noo it's normalacy till Friday when ma mum appears fur a we go here we go here we go laugh.gif

Posted by: George Muir 31st Aug 2003, 09:46pm

tongue.gif Hiya Tumchie and Catherine, enjoying the holiday are ye. When you're retired like me you never get any holidays sad.gif
Catherine my auld Macintosh froze up on me the day and I got kicked off the board, folk must think I'm awfy rude, I always leave withoot even a goodbye.

Posted by: Tumchie 31st Aug 2003, 09:48pm

That will be great havin' yer mum fur a visit. Yer boys will enjoy her! My mother used to visit me once a year and my son has fond memories of her visits.
Betty2. You mentioned Yorkhill Hospital. Is that the Queen Mother Maternity Hospital? I used to work there, back in the late sixties.
Just wunnerin'. wink.gif

Posted by: Tumchie 31st Aug 2003, 09:52pm

ohmy.gif Jings! Fur a moment there I wis thinin' ye were talking aboot yer Mackintosh raincoat freezin' up! laugh.gif

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 09:59pm

laugh.gif Good wan Tumchie....George, not at all, in fact ahv hud many a laugh when ye get bumped aff......Ah jist wait till somebudy says wherr did george go, an ah say well ah cannae believe ye said that tae him, ahd go an aw.....wurks every time, they're aw gaun whit? when? laugh.gif Seriously, everywan knows ye'v goat the furst computer ever made, so we aw know ye'v freezed up an we jist try an keep an eye oot fur ye comin back...nae worries an folks would never think that aboot you George.

Posted by: Marg 31st Aug 2003, 10:03pm

Welcome George I was in the wee chat looking for you but you always leave as I come in mad.gif and tumchie is there and no answering , what am I to do ? ohmy.gif

Posted by: Catherine 31st Aug 2003, 10:11pm

Ahv the very sulushin Marg.....Moan ower here an tidy up ma kitchen hen afore the troops wade in laugh.gif

Posted by: Tumchie 31st Aug 2003, 11:05pm

sad.gif Marg, I went intae the chat room but it seemed as if naebody wis there. Mebbe ah didnae wait lang enough? Or mebbe there's more than wan room? Och. unsure.gif

Posted by: Catherine 1st Sep 2003, 02:49am

Well George an masel wur aw waitin fur ye's an no a bugger we jist talked aboot ye's tongue.gif
Aff tae bed here, troops are hame, hoose back tae normal, tornado style.....Oh hear jist heard Charles Bronson died oan the news therr, ah liked him sad.gif Cripes he wis eighty wan!! Didnae no that.
Night night, catch ye's the morra...

Posted by: sjmac 1st Sep 2003, 11:58am

Hi Catherine,a wis waitn fur ye tae come back,as evrybudy wis talkin aboot ye,then ma net connection went doon an a missed yer av spent ages tryin tae see aw yer posts.av bin aff since Thursday.av got a lot tae catch up.Ma wife says av bin aff fur yeers.cheeky swine. wub.gif wub.gif

Posted by: sjmac 1st Sep 2003, 12:16pm

Betty2,Itl soon be time tae see the luvly Teeny,If ye bring hur back tae yoor hoose, fur Jeesis sake make sure sumdys cleened the sterrs, fur shees reely purnickity.make sure ye take sum photies tae post when ye get hame.If ye find the paris bun in St Enochs square,take it in tae The city bakeries an trade it in fur a coffee bun cos sumdy on the board waants wan.Hiv a great day the two o ye. rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Catherine 1st Sep 2003, 02:31pm

Well hallo therr sjmac, nice to meet ye and thank you for yer kind ye kin see this crews a bit dodgy but as ahm a bit dodgy masel we aw fit right in, ma bets yer a wee bit dodgy yersel laugh.gif
Geoffs jist hooked up some wireless? internet here, an ahv goat oan the Radio Clyde station....if ah shut ma eyes ah could be in ma mums kitchen, it's smashin but ahv nae sqerr sausage!! .. an George sent me the directions on how tae get a picture up....don't haud yer breath fur this wan guys, ah think George hus furgoat it's ME he's talkin tae, ah mind Rabbie sent me directions an aw an ah drove him nuts laugh.gif Anither wee day in the hoose begins, tra la la la la...

Posted by: Marg 1st Sep 2003, 03:06pm

Catherine that man of yours treats you great , hooking you up to the radio Clyde sound like you've gone to heaven . smile.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Catherine 1st Sep 2003, 03:59pm

Oh aye Marg...... rolleyes.gif ...He's jist great, lyin like a lump oan a log upsterrs watchin some sport laugh.gif ..Here ah think ahm gettin therr wae the picture thing oan the board, jist need tae make the photaes smaller an ahll be cookin wae gas, course ahv discovert ahv nae sunsets noo.....well ah huv but therrs nae sunset if ye get ma drift...Cripes ah'll away the noo afore ah confuse masel even further {greatbigguffawanzipityoulot}

Posted by: Marg 1st Sep 2003, 04:32pm

What photos are you trying to show us Catherine wink.gif this heres a family site laugh.gif I've more pictures but I don't know if I can get it to work again it"s the problem of getting them where I can find them once I've scanned them.

Posted by: Catherine 1st Sep 2003, 04:45pm

Hoi Marg, ahm sittin here like a mad scientist, George sent me easy enuf directions, but it jist disnae waant tae happen for me.....nae surprise therr eh laugh.gif Think ahll take a brekk fae it an it fae me...Ever feel as if yer huvin a cyber argument wae somethin that's no quite therr?? laugh.gif

Posted by: Marg 1st Sep 2003, 05:14pm

Me thinks you need new directions rolleyes.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Catherine 1st Sep 2003, 05:29pm

Naw Marg, Jist got yer pm pet thanks, it's the size of ma pictures that stops it fae goin in, everythin else works.....course a then go an reduce the size of ma pictures, go back an it comes back the size afore a reduced roon an roon we go laugh.gif