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  Replying to Springburn Public Baths
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
peter.howden Posted 10th Jul 2019, 07:02pm
  I worked in almost all the baths/Steamies/Turkish in Glasgow...between 1976 to 1993
ExPOW Posted 5th Mar 2016, 10:16pm
  "Best of all was getting a cup of steaming OXO Cube 'soup' on the way home from a shop near what is now Braid Square and a small cup of mushy peas with vinegar for thruppence. "

That shop was just round the corner from Woodside baths on what was Cedar Street. I found an old City Map. yes.gif

ExPOW Posted 5th Mar 2016, 01:05am
  The violence ended in Kay Street when a police sergeant banged on the tennement door and hearing footsteps or seeing the suspect in the hall, through the letterbox, pointed his pistol through it and pulled the trigger. I remember reading the account of it in 'The Record'.

The Chippie was one of the first "Santi's" in Springburn. He later opened "The New Yorker" Restaurant at the top of the hill nextdoor to his second chippie at the zebra crossing.

Favourites were Ashet Pie Suppers or 1/4 Chicken but he also did blackpudding in batter that we affectionately called "Frizzelled @ick Suppers". My second serious girlfriend worked in Kay St there on a Friday Night so I always got free chips. tongue.gif

Kids could go in and ask for a 'poke of bits' (that they were only too pleased to get rid of.

Was in Springburn Baths only once. Not impressed. Far superior was Woodside where I also learned to swim, did my first lengths and breadths there too and was once robbed blind by a guy from my own Scout Troop. (He and his pals took everything I owned at the time. Thank you Henderson.) I digress.

There were three boards in the male pool at Woodside.

A springboard on the left and a six or eight footer on the right and a ten or twelve footer as the high board.

The bath attendant didn't mind flippers or a facemask so I became good at underwater stuff.
Used to find coins there on the bottom at the deep end occasionally. A prewash in the Showers or a long sit in the hot 'pig troughs' (long white footbaths) was usually de rigeur as the attendands would inspect for dirty feet before allowing access to the pool. The smell of chlorine hung on you like a f@rt in a diving helmet afterwards.

Best of all was getting a cup of steaming OXO Cube 'soup' on the way home from a shop near what is now Braid Square and a small cup of mushy peas with vinegar for thruppence.
John White Posted 22nd Nov 2014, 01:24pm

Born in John Carrick street in 1954. Had 3 generations living in the same close on 3 floors. Moved away in 1960 to the scheme at Easterhouse.

Great days of childhood memories.
*yvonne* Posted 22nd Dec 2011, 01:55am
  My grandparents lived in john carrick st in the sixties, alf and jean noble, my father george wallace noble, havent seen since I was 11, now 48, wonder if anybody knows of his wherabouts, he would be 73 ?

Guest Posted 4th Jan 2010, 03:22pm
QUOTE (David Aitken @ 12th Feb 2008, 09:21am) *
I distinctly remember and have fond memories of the public baths in Kay St.
I was a member of the St Rollox swimming club that used the baths every Monday evening from 9pm to 10pm (if memory serves me right), along with school friends who were also members.
On your way home, the first stop would be the "chippie" in Kay St for the "must have" bag of chips and a couple of onions.
Albert school also used the baths for a period of time.
This all happened in the late fifties and early sixties.

are you the david aitken who was a pal of big cousin, hammy smillie. my brother and i also went to the st rollox swimming club on a monday night im marion paton and by brother is tommy paton
shepherd Posted 11th Nov 2009, 01:39pm
QUOTE (marlene @ 12th Dec 2003, 10:47pm) *
I remember Kay St swimming baths, remember getting chucked in at the deep end.
I was born and brought up in Springburn.
Moved down to live in Sussex 30years ago.
Don't often get "up the road"these days, but when I was last there, I hardly recognised the old place.

a moved away from springburn some 25yrs ago lived at the big house across from gospel hall adress was 24 springvale terrace
Alex Gardner Posted 15th Apr 2009, 07:20am
  I used to visit aunts and uncles in John Carrick Street in the 1950s and recall that it was a steep street leading down to the Co-op dairy at the bottom - I guess Springburn Road. There were at least 3 generations of the family whose name was Fulton lived in the street. I surmise it was knocked down for the shopping centre - nothing Goggled confirms this but it is obvious fro the old maps.
pauline liddell Posted 22nd Feb 2009, 03:34pm
  thanks wellfield will have a look
pauline liddell (ross) Posted 22nd Feb 2009, 01:16am
  i was born in john carrick st in november 69 stayed their till i was 2 then they pulled it down we moved then down to charles st
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