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  Replying to Glasgow Stutters To A Winter Standstill
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
benny Posted 12th Dec 2011, 10:39pm
QUOTE (mlconnelly @ 12th Dec 2011, 01:32am) *
We've had 2 very bad winters and both times the councils were caught out even though the Met Office had given early warnings, paricularly last year. . . . .

Actually it wis the Met Office that was caught out last year. They predicted a great summer and a mild winter. Wrong on both counts. Ah believe they have now given up long range forecasting for public consumption.
andypisces Posted 12th Dec 2011, 03:46am
  I remember my first winter/christmas in Canada,1967. My relatives gave me a snow shovel to keep in my car and i have never been without one since.
mlconnelly Posted 12th Dec 2011, 01:13am
  We've had 2 very bad winters and both times the councils were caught out even though the Met Office had given early warnings, paricularly last year. A few weeks ago they where saying that they were ready for any eventuality weatherwise and guess what, still managed to make a pigs ear of it. Mary
Kailey Posted 11th Dec 2011, 09:03pm
  At last, someone comes up with the "right" answer!
Guest Posted 15th Dec 2010, 04:40am
  Wow what an unusual snowfall for Glasgow, cant really blame local councils for not being prepared for something so unusual, I was born in Glasgow and lived there till 1965 never saw the likes of this storm. In this time of lack of jobs why not men or women who have no jobs pay them and give them tools to clear the snow from the roads. We have snow here in Utah for 4 months we have to clear our own sidewalks driveways and the city clears the roads in town, I suggest if you want the council to take care of the snow be prepared to pay more TAXES. I feel so bad for the elderly, my sister-in-law has to rely on her young neighbours to get her groceries.
cowcaddens kid Posted 15th Dec 2010, 12:36am
  Its a lottery of where you live, I am now in livingston over 3ft of snow and a slow reaction from our council. 10 miles away in Whitburn wee "kubota" mini tractors with snow blades and grit trowers fitted are out clearing main footpaths then side streets. As for the so called Scottish govenment (canny get the matches tae light) and unable to respond to the iced up central belt ,I noted ex military vehicle disposal sites selling gritters and snow clearing equipment . This country used to keep reserve MOD vehicles (the old green godess fire engines etc) so why no emergency backup snow clearing kit.
ALSO why is there no heads rolling in the railway industry across Scotland -no trains for 2 weeks ,no buses either sototal lack of public transport forced many people onto the roads who would have willingly used the other transport if it was working and did not evaporate after 6.o.clock at night.
Politicians and Councilors love fact finding junkets- fancy sending some of them to Siberia or Alaska right now to learn how to keep things moving.For a few quid extra the Siberians might keep them!! laugh.gif
Next batch of snow ,ice ,fog ,wind and rain due soon so the political geniuses that cannot even look back to learn will be preparing page two of the "it wisnay me -must be someone elses fault" book of excusses.

To everyone else a merry Christmas Gee
Gallusbisom Posted 14th Dec 2010, 10:34pm
  Hi Y'all,
Got back from Texas two days ago, weather lovely, cool (around 68) but most people still wearing shorts. Spent Thanksgiving in Georgia, very cool had to have the heating on but lovely during the daytime. Fast forward to arriving home to Ont., most people at the DFW airport were in shorts, not me, had on my winter slacks, two sweaters, boots and my winter coat, probably gave more than one person a chuckle at the airport. Arrive Toronto, gosh darned cold, raining/snowing, not happy but it is winter. The next morning got up and everything is white (again-I missed the first snow falls, YEAH!) but not only is it white the wind could give you frostbite in a very short time. My first thought was I am going back to Dallas, then I had to deal with the snow. We cleared the driveway, 50ft by 120ft long and put the snow on our lawn, no problem, during the night the snowplough came bye and cleared our cul-de-sac and, of course, closed in our driveway. We had to dig it out again, yeach, but if you are a Senior the town will have their crew come and clear one exit from your driveway for one car. Great. It's Canada and it is winter, why would I expect anything different? BUT and that is a big but, we had unusual conditions up around Sarnia and people were stuck in their cars/trucks etc. for over 24hrs. and some of them did not have a survival kit. We have one in every car, it is so easy to be prepared. The point of this tomb is that Scotland lies way north of Toronto and we Scots depend on the Gulf Stream to keep us comfortable, I wonder if the recent events in the Gulf have impacted our, sorry, your weather?
benny Posted 14th Dec 2010, 09:41pm
  Naw, but ah wis never in Siberia either. rolleyes.gif
Rab-oldname Posted 14th Dec 2010, 09:11pm
QUOTE (benny @ 14th Dec 2010, 04:25pm) *
Things were vastly different in 1947 and even 1963, Rab. We didnae depend on road transport tae the same extent. Glesga still had busy docks where goods transported by sea were unloaded, instead of convoys of lorries ferrying products up from England. People still did their shoppin in wee local shops as well - and most of the food on sale was produced locally,no transported hundreds of miles from a central depot. So, it wisnae quite as important as it is noo if the main trunk roads were gridlocked.

Benny, were you around in 1947? rolleyes.gif
Attached Image

Drifts up to 7 metres

Attached Image

1963 was the coldest for over 200 years.
This is my last. Keep warm.
auldbutcher Posted 14th Dec 2010, 08:49pm
  Ah square peg in a roon hole guy wis a genius, when my wee granson was young say age two i bought him a wee set o thon shapes an holes even i an adult ,ok a retaded adult, cood never fit the square peg in the roon hole ,ended up ah cheated an shaved the edges using a gillette razor an yes i have been peyed fer the publicity it wis indeed a smooth shave ,finished the task with a liberal dash o imperial lather . Jasus there av earned the money fer my ne'er day bottle by fer noo . blink.gif
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