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  Replying to Glasgow To Lose 670 Nurses
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GG Posted 22nd May 2010, 03:29pm
  In the news today:

NHS hires 100k HR boss to help axe 2,000 workers
Health authority accused of having 'warped priorities'

NHS Lothian has created a new 100,000-a-year human resources role as part of the same strategy which will axe 333 nurses, it can be revealed today.

It has emerged that while health chiefs want to slim the workforce by 2,000 over the next two years, an assistant director of HR has been appointed – on the wage of four nurses. Patient groups and politicians, who have campaigned for frontline workers to be protected, are furious that a six-figure salary could be given for a role that has not existed for at least three years. ...

Full story at the Scotsman:

elaine24 Posted 19th May 2010, 07:47am
  The NHS is going to bring n Grade 3 nurses - which will be one step above Auxilliary Nurses - and is the equivalent of 'non registered' nurse from the old days. In effect we are going back to having probably two 'registered' nurses - ie sister and one staff nurse and the rest will be grade 3 and below on a ward. How is this progress. A matron standing over professional nursing staff and checking the uniforms and the bed creases is not what modern patient care is about.
darkside Posted 18th May 2010, 08:22pm
  And this one:

The health board claim hundreds of millions of pounds of new investment across the area will make patient care more effective.

An NHSGGC spokeswoman said:
"Between 2009 and 2012 we will have spent s350 million on modernising our hospitals and other facilities, equipment and support services.

This investment will create purpose-built facilities, enabling us to provide care to our patients more efficiently and more effectively.

By redesigning our services, including a move for some services onto fewer sites, we have identified that we can provide the same high-quality care for our patients with fewer staff - 700 whole time equivalent in 2010/11 year, rising to 1252 whole time equivalent over 18 months."
darkside Posted 18th May 2010, 08:20pm
  See this article;
NHS staff levels greater under SNP than under Labour

A defiant Nicola Sturgeon yesterday attacked Labour claims that the SNP were cutting front line services in the Scottish NHS. The Health Minister was appearing on The Politics Show Scotland alongside Labour MSP Jackie Baillie who had accused the SNP government of “breathtaking dishonesty” and of planning to cut 5000 front line staff across Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon appeared calm and authoritative as she explained that far from introducing cuts to the NHS, the SNP had actually increased the funding levels. It also emerged that current staff levels are now greater than they were under Labour, something the SNP’s Health Minister guaranteed would still be the case when their current term in office ended.
TeeHeeHee Posted 17th May 2010, 10:19am
QUOTE (maggie mc manus34 @ 17th May 2010, 01:21am) *
Hi guys!! I laughed so much at the oneliners I can't concentrate. Anyhoo!! i'm an auxiliary nurse and ... I just ask the public this.. please don't buzz if it's something that can wait 10mins. .... So before you have a wee ' upstairs downstairs moment' just think... NOO!!!! IF YOUR HAIR'S OAN FIRE, BUZZ BUZZ!!! (only joking folks).

And I laughed at that one.
I spent another week in hospital rolleyes.gif just over a month ago. Had a three-man room to myself for a few days before the other patients moved in. One old guy seemed to be at deaths door (we all had broken legs) and in the night I had to Buzz, The nurse came in and I told her it was Mr Thingy who was in trouble (he'd been shouting and moaning something terrible). Poor guy was shouting at some people who weren't there, or they were there but the old guy was somewhere else with them. The nurse said it was better I called her on 10 false alarms than ignored the real emergency.
I know what it's like during the first day or two when the pain won't let go:
Shall I give you a wee bit of morphine Mr Hee? ...
Aye, fine hen. Could I have a wee nippy sweetie on ice with that too?
But it was difficult for me not to buzz after that. I had to keep telling myself It's just an old guy with a broken leg ... and Altzheimers biggrin.gif
tamhickey Posted 17th May 2010, 02:03am
  In my view, there will be financial as well as health care consequences to this disastrous short term decision. Fewer nurses must mean longer waiting lists as well as the closure of wards and departments meaning that patients will have to travel much further distances to specialist units. This being the case, it is likely that some people who could have been saved will die instead.
Of those who live, how much more money will have to be spent on out of hours Doctors having to make ever more consultations with their patients when hospital beds are at a premium?
To me, the appointees to Greater Glasgow Health board ought to resign as they have been doing all of the above for years now on the advice of their bean counters as opposed to the clinical needs of the population. How much could be saved if we were to rid ourselves of this self serving Quango and replace it with people who work at the sharp end of medicine, the doctors and nurses who work there on a daily basis? Perhaps this is the question that GGHB ought to concern itself with, for it is not fit for purpose as it stands and ought to be ashamed of itself.
maggie mc manus34 Posted 17th May 2010, 01:18am
  Hi guys!! I laughed so much at the oneliners I can't concentrate. Anyhoo!! i'm an auxiliary nurse and have been for many years and there is nothing within reason that i won't do for my patients. However we are often shortstaffed and we are now in wards, with single rooms where the said patient thinks there's only he or she and not 15 others all looking for attention. I just ask the public this.. please don't buzz if it's something that can wait 10mins. I regularly have to explain that I have had to leave a wee distressed patient because someone has buzzed to ask for the telly to be changed or even just what's on telly or what's the time or even to get a pen from under the bed. I HAVE TO..answer the buzzer in case it is a genuine emergency, Ihave know way of knowing if it's for something stupid or not and for them to say when i've explained what I was in the middle of doing with a ( AH DIDNAE KNOOOOOOW) is soul destroying sometimes. So before you have a wee ' upstairs downstairs moment' just think... NOO!!!! IF YOUR HAIR'S OAN FIRE, BUZZ BUZZ!!! (only joking folks).
maggie mc manus34 Posted 17th May 2010, 12:28am
QUOTE (Fearn @ 14th May 2010, 10:32pm) *
Couldn't resist posting this..............Just received via e-mail - more truth than fiction!

These are actual writings from various hospital (Canadian) charts.

1. The patient refused an autopsy.
2. The patient has no previous history of suicides.
3. Patient has left white blood cells at another hospital.
4. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night.
5. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.
6. On the second day, the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared.
7. The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.
8. The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.
9. Discharge status: Alive but without permission.
10. Healthy appearing decrepit 69-year old male, mentally alert, but forgetful.
11. Patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.
12. She is numb from her toes down.
13. While in ER, she was examined, x-rated, and sent home.
14. The skin was moist and dry.
15. Occasional, constant infrequent headaches.
16. Patient was alert and unresponsive.
17. Rectal examination revealed a normal size thyroid.
18. She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce.
19. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.
20. Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accommodation.
21. Examination of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.
22. The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.
23. Skin: somewhat pale but present
24. The pelvis exam will be done later on the floor.
25. Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities.

GG Posted 16th May 2010, 06:39pm
  The SNP government has said today that there will be "no compulsory redundancies" among NHS staff during the upcoming programme of cuts. Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon also claimed that providing a high standard of frontline care was a "guiding principle" for the Holyrood government.

Guarantee of no compulsory redundancies for NHS

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has offered a guarantee that no NHS employee will face compulsory redundancy amid pressure on budgets.

Last week NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde announced proposals to shed 1,252 jobs in the next 18 months.

Opposition politicians claimed plans by health boards to axe jobs will hit frontline services.

Ms Sturgeon said she was scrutinising workforce projections, with quality of frontline care the "guiding principle". ...

Full story at the BBC:

*Richard* Posted 16th May 2010, 02:47pm
  Why target nursing and midwifery staff when more savings could be made by reducing more expensive bureaucratic posts. If skilled nursing staff are got rid of. The Health Service will fall apart. In short, people may die. You cannot replace experienced staff and hope they will return overnight in the case of a new epidemic for example. Nurses need to evidence their continued learning and work experience to maintain their registration.

I have never heard of such a short-sighted plan. I'm just glad I got out of the Health Service when I did.
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