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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
carmella Posted Today, 11:30am
  Nice to see you contribute Peter.

I feel so strongly about this, that the whole shower should be sacked. Well done Douglas Ross from the Scottish Office for having the balls not to believe the liar that is Dominic Cummings while Gove et al, are fully in support of Cummings.

If it was at all possible, a General Election should be called to clear out the shelves of 10 Downing Street, and sweep it clean with new dusters and anti-bac spray?

My father was English, so it follows that I have relatives from his side living in England. I am sad to report that they thought “Dominic did wrong but he was doing the best for his family!” And in a different sentence, “we think Boris is doing a great job, where others would have run a mile, he was barely in office when he was confronted with having to deal with Covid........”

I will repeat, so long as the Asian countries, particularly China continue their trade in all animals, including those we consider our pets, this will not be the last virus to spread throughout the world.

It is my firm belief that action should be taken against them, and that in particular, the UK should not do any trade with them.
peter.howden Posted Today, 10:34am
  The astonishing news, added with the brazen spiel from an academic moron, and the pathetic support from the ruling government hacks, must make the voting public of the nation feel totally marooned in their homes, and a urge to say, “Go and copulate with a web footed friend and burst out of isolation. But I personally, not prepared to endanger my family, my friends and my neighbour’s, my fellow human beings because of the actions of an arrogant bawheid reputed adviser…and his political pawn partners
bilbo.s Posted Today, 07:53am
QUOTE (Kemedian @ 25th May 2020, 09:25pm) *
Lockdown breached at the very top!! Government in CRISIS!!!!

Well done SKY and not forgetting Kem for this shatteringly relevant scoop !
TeeHeeHee Posted Today, 07:50am
QUOTE (Kemedian @ 25th May 2020, 07:15pm) *
... the public messaging that's the issue.

Never a trueer word.
The message to thee public seems clear: the public are being taken for fools.
Cummings admitteed to having lied during thee Brexit campaign to the public, making up scarey stories to keep fence-sitters and old ladies up at night. What he employed was an art of fabrication which some of us learned, and exceelled in, during our military careers and termed `True Lies': The noble art of surrounding a falsehood with so much plausible fact or truth that the falsehood itself appears believable.
Hee, Cummings, excerised the usee of `truee Liees' again in his little speeech yesterday.
Notabee was that he said he did not regret his actions because hee knew that would be seen as a blatant lie and blatant lies are fatal but "... we shouteed from a distance ..." was a good true lie (how loud? What distance) Stopping the catr to let the child have apee was also a good one.
His, carefully writtten and edited ,spech was packeed brim-full with `true lies' and immediately after the first queestion was put to him by the first peerson on his list, we see the emm ... emmm ... Ahhh ... emmm I ... I ... ahhh .... emmm ... took my ....emm ...

With all his experience in lying one would have expected a beetteer peerformance than that but it's much easier for him to write his lies down in paper for someone else to read out in statements ... So, reeally an obvious tho' poor liar.
Which raises the question what kind of people fall for his crap?
Brexiteers of course. rolleyes.gif
ashfield Posted Today, 07:49am
  I thought his "reason" fitted in somewhere between "a big boy did it and ran away" and "my dog ate my homework" wacko.gif It is beyond belief that he is getting so much support from within the cabinet. His behaviour was a slap in the face for all of us who have stuck to the rules.

My opinion remains the same, he is a liar and a cheat and the apologists for him share the shame.
carmella Posted Today, 07:29am
  I am not personally interested in what happened in Vienna Kem.

I am, however, interested in what happens in the UK!

If Dominic Cummings was concerned about safety for him and his family as he stated, then that would enable someone in his position to have police protection. He didn’t ask for that. He walks around in a normal manner, certainly not someone in fear for his safety.

You can’t blame anyone for trying to protect their family. Thousands in the UK had similar circumstances, but who stayed at home! What circumstances could be worse than the death of a thirteen year old boy from Brixton, without his parents by his side, and at his burial. Just awful and what a sacrifice.

I think his time is limited as Adviser.

If I lived in Austria, I would probably be really annoyed. unsure.gif
ashfield Posted Today, 07:19am
  I'm sure our Austrian GG readers will be raging huh.gif
Kemedian Posted Y'day, 08:25pm
  Lockdown breached at the very top!! Government in CRISIS!!!!
Kemedian Posted Y'day, 07:15pm
  Regardless of how anyone feels about his personal circumstances or his Politics, as with the Scottish CMO debacle it is the public messaging that's the issue.
Dykejumper Posted Y'day, 06:17pm
  I can ony think BJ darent sack him, could be he might be able to take the PM down
with him.! However the press scent blood and his survival is in the balance.
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