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> Lewis's : Is It The Same One ?, shops
Dexter St. Clair
post 5th Sep 2005, 08:26am
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Mega City Key Holder
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There's a short essay on shops here
Glasgow story Shops

and you can search for photographs as well. Enter "Dallas" under "images" for their 1915 catalogue.

or click here

Dallas Catalogue
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post 22nd Aug 2006, 08:50pm
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Super Lord Provost
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From: ayrshire
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gardenqueen, was it Trerons you used to go to? It was round from Rose Street, and next door to the McLellan Galleries. It was a posh, old-fashioned shop like Muirheads but smaller.
My auntie was a hairdresser in Muirheads and we used to be sent to get our hair cut there. Do you remember the waiting area for the hairdressers was big and had booksand magazines to read - and I think there were some toys for the children ? unsure.gif

Ah don't hear sae well withoot ma specs
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post 23rd Aug 2006, 03:09pm
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Super City Key Holder
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That was the one, Sumac, Trerons. Definitely a bit on the posh side.

I don't actually remember getting my hair cut anywhere really. I think my auntie would arrive with the pudding bowl now and again and all us girls would get te same hair cut.

I think I went to a hairdresser in Possil for the first time when I was ten, for my sister's wedding.

Memories! Oh yes, and the wedding meant that, for the first time in my life I had two pairs of shoes at the same time. I felt really well off.

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post 17th Nov 2006, 06:55am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: australia
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When you talked of that tube thing going into a vacume like pole, Instantly was reminded of a shop called Sellyns,there was one in Springburn rd but I believe there was one in the town too,I remember trerons & I thought it was a soft furnishings & bedlinen kind of homeware styled shop? what sort of shop was Trerons? biggrin.gif

Ye Cin Take The Lassie Oota Glesga But Ye Cannae Take Glesga Oota The Lassie
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post 17th Nov 2006, 08:30am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Originally Annan with a wee bit of Glasgow in between now Kimberley, B.C.
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Trerons was famous for the wonderful china they had. My bridesmaid bought my wedding china in there and, of course, I still have it after 47 years! Don't use it very often now, prefer the big mugs, but it looks good in the buffet!!!!!

After I got married my mother got a Christmas job in Pettigrew and Stephens, she had a wonderful time as she was put in the toy department and played with the toy trains all day!!!!!!!! After Christmas she was asked to stay on for the January sale in the lingerie department and there she stayed for 4 years. She told me many a story of zipping women, especially the rather chunky (how else can you say it!!) ones into swim suits ohmy.gif

I used to love Hendersons and Coplands too and I bought my wedding dress in Watt Bros.

Ah memories wub.gif
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post 17th Nov 2006, 09:26am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: South East England
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I remember sitting on the horse at Lewis's to get my hair cut. Afterwards my mum took me down to the pet department and I remember seeing kangaroos (or was it wallabies). For kids like us in the early 1950's, it was amazing to see these strange husband doesn't believe me and thinks that I'm going a wee bit doo-wally in my old age, but I can definitely remember seeing these animals, I was about 4 at the time. Please tell me that someone else out there remembers this too! wub.gif

Linda I remember Sellyns in Springburn, there was another one in Argyle Street in the Candleriggs area. I remember going there with my mum to get my first pair of 'winkle picker' high heeled shoes for our school dance at Albert when I was 14. laugh.gif

Do you remember the TV jingle...

Sellyns are the shops, for all the family,
Sellyns are the shops where you wear while you pay....

Anyone remember the rest of it????

BOOKS..What's For Ye, Won't Go By Ye/Chasin' that Carrot/Mammograms Save Lives/Time Makes Changes/Treachery and Triumph...TV DRAMA..Broken Promises
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post 17th Nov 2006, 03:07pm
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From: Glasgow
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QUOTE (Riddrieperson @ 3rd Sep 2005, 03:33 PM)
Tommy,my cousins used to work in Lewis`s store in Argyle st. According to what they know,the original Lewis`s had no connection whatsoever with the newer John Lewis group.I am still looking into this .Thinking about it,I am sure that John Lewis would never have agreed to sell such a prime site to a Debenhams. dry.gif

Lewis's in Glasgow, opened in 1929, and was part of a department store group operating in the United Kingdom from 1856 to the 1990s. Only the original Liverpool store continues to trade under the 'Lewis's' name.

Lewis's should not be confused with the still existing and totally separate department store chain John Lewis.
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jane b
post 9th Jun 2007, 09:31pm
Post #23

Settling In
Posts: 13
Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
From: toronto canada
Member No.: 3,570
Does anyone remember this store in the 1930s? I would love to hear anything about it during that time. Also, I believe there was a Father Christmas who gave children toys that came down a chute of some kind, but I'm not sure exactly how that worked.
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penny dainty
post 15th Jun 2007, 04:49am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Brisbane Australia
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I remember going up to the top floor in Lewis's to the toy department at Easter time and they always had baby animals , it was called Bunnyduck farm and you got to hold the baby chicks and bunnies , it was lovely.

Dont drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
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post 11th Sep 2007, 11:23pm
Post #25

QUOTE (Dexter St. Clair @ 3rd Sep 2005, 04:56 PM) *
John Lewis Partnership is a like cooperative and partly owned by its employees.

There's a story here which refers to the Old Lewis Stores.
John Lewis

Check out its history here

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post 10th Jul 2008, 11:30pm
Post #26

 (jane b @ 9th Jun 2007, 09:48 PM) *
Does anyone remember this store in the 1930s? I would love to hear anything about it during that time. Also, I believe there was a Father Christmas who gave children toys that came down a chute of some kind, but I'm not sure exactly how that worked.[/quote]
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post 14th Jul 2008, 06:22am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Central West NSW
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My favourite memory of Lewis' in the late 1950's was going to see Santa every year, just before Christmas.

The Grottos they used to build always amazed me with their colour and character and, of course, it was always where I got my first Christmas Present of the year !

Other than that, I just remember the store being so, so big !

Tombro mellow.gif

Today is the first day of the rest of your life !
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post 14th Jul 2008, 11:32pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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Growing up in the early 1940's it was well known that REAL Santa was at Lewis's Polytechnic (otherwise known as "the polly"). The other santa's were fakes!!
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wee mags
post 15th Jul 2008, 12:23am
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Mega City Key Holder
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Joined: 27th Jul 2003
From: East Norwalk Ct U.S.A
Member No.: 12
my mammy used to tell me that it was the real Santa as well . after visiting santa we would stop and have a piece of apple pie and custard wub.gif

fae Maryhill noo the USA
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post 15th Jul 2008, 08:54am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Glasgow (East end)
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Ah jist remembered it wis called the poly. The window display's at christmas were always somethin tae look forward tae. The magic of Christmas wis always at Lewis's. When they built the St enoch centre and half a dozen differnt shops took over the front it wis a sad day sad.gif Thats wit the city centre needs shops like that we've enogh shopping centres outside the town. Somewhere like that might tempt me back tae the toon.

Wits ma spellin like Doh! ohmy.gif
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